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What is Ozonated water system

The ozone disinfection treatment system consists of a series of equipments, mainly including ozone generation system, oxygen generation system, ozone mixing system, ozone online monitoring system, etc. The ozone generation system also includes power control, cooling, filtering, high-voltage discharge etc. It is mainly composed of oxygen feeding ozone generator (Inside PSA and Air compressor ect)+ mixing pump or venturi injector+booster bump. Ozone water system is widely applied into Aquaculture, industrial wastewater treatment, pure water treatment, fruit and vegetable processing plants, swimming pool water treatment, paper mills ect.


Oxygen feeding ozone generator

1. Adapted corona discharge technology,Long service lifetime
2. Ozone concentration adjustment 0-100%
3. Continuous working,no overload. 
4.  Timer regulator, free from repeat settings
5. Double light indicators,easy to check fault. 
6. All kinds of plug standard matching different country use
Mixing system is simple and it intakes ozone gas to the pump and mix ozone with liquid in the pump,while conventional system needs additional equipment like "ejector" and "saatic mixer" to make ozone water.It can work stable performance,High efficiency,low noise,simple in instruction and operation
Model 20QY - 1 25QY - 2SS 40QY - 6SS 50QY - 12
Water Flow 1 t/hr 2 t/hr 6 t/hr 18 t/hr
Inlet Size 0.75 inch 1.0 inch 1.5 inch 2.0 inch
Outlet Size 0.50 inch 0.75 inch 1.2 inch 1.5 inch
Power 0.55 kW 1.1 kW 3.0 kW 5.5 kW
Voltage 220 V/50 Hz 380 V/50 Hz
Head 40 m 50 m
Speed 2900 r/min
Qlozone wall-mounted dissolve O3 sensor online ozone analyzer digital ozone meter
Online dissolved ozone monitoring
Qlozone imported ozone sensor handheld meter dissolved ozone analyzer ozone tester in water
No more materia;low maintenance;Measured value is not affected by low temperature and turbidity
Can replace CS6930 dissolved ozone electrode;Precision stability;Easy cleaning andmaintenance
MHX4 component structure design,strong waterproof,grip comfort
Maintenance is sample,without any tools can easily replace the battery and the electrode
Boat fuselage design,make sure that floating up,the screen electrode contact water completely
Ventrui injector is used for mixing gas and liquid. It can increase the solubility of gases in liquids
Venturi is designed to be used with an ozone generator for water treatment.Made of anti-ozone material,PVDF.Connected to your existing filtration system it allows an ozone injection point,where the vacuum effectively sucks the ozone gases into the water flow.
Model Size Specification Pressure Inspiratory capacity Overall length Water flow Material
A12057 1/4 2 point DN-15 0.1-0.2 1-3 M3/hr 57 mm 0.05-0.2 M3/hr PVDF
A25100 1/2 4 point DN-20 0.25-0.4 4-7 M3/hr 100 mm 0.2-1 M3/hr PVDF
A25152 3/4 6 point DN-25 0.25-0.5 7.5-10 M3/hr 152 mm 1-3 M3/hr PVDF
A32235 1 1 inch DN-32 0.25-0.5 11-15 M3/hr 230 mm 3-10 M3/hr PVDF
A48275 1.5 1.5 inch DN-40 0.25-0.6 22-30 M3/hr 275 mm 10-25 M3/hr PVDF
A58295 2 2 inch DN-50 0.3-0.7 37-49 M3/hr 295 mm 25-50 M3/hr PVDF
How does ozone water keep fruit and vegetables fresh

Fresh fruit and vegetables are organic and release a ripening agent from which bacteria would grow and cause them to rot later. Ozone oxidizes and destroys the ripening agent and causes it to break down so that fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer.The role of ozone:1 Decomposition of pesticides,

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Manganese and Iron Removal By Using Ozone

Iron and manganese removal is one of the more common uses of ozone in drinking water systems. Iron and manganese are easily oxidized by ozone. This document will help to understand the rationale for oxidizing iron and manganese with ozone. We'll also cover the practical application of ozone in this

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Ozone Treatment for Swimming Pools

Health Hazards of Chlorine Swimming Pools Chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools is widely recognized as a health hazard. New research suggests that children who swim frequently in chlorinated pools may have increased risks of developing allergies or asthma. Among adults exposure to chlorine in s