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What is Ozonated water system

The ozone disinfection treatment system consists of a series of equipments, mainly including ozone generation system, oxygen generation system, ozone mixing system, ozone online monitoring system, etc. The ozone generation system also includes power control, cooling, filtering, high-voltage discharge etc. It is mainly composed of oxygen feeding ozone generator (Inside PSA and Air compressor ect)+ mixing pump or venturi injector+booster bump. Ozone water system is widely applied into Aquaculture, industrial wastewater treatment, pure water treatment, fruit and vegetable processing plants, swimming pool water treatment, paper mills ect.


Oxygen feeding ozone generator

1. Adapted corona discharge technology,Long service lifetime
2. Ozone concentration adjustment 0-100%
3. Continuous working,no overload. 
4.  Timer regulator, free from repeat settings
5. Double light indicators,easy to check fault. 
6. All kinds of plug standard matching different country use
The mixing pump is used for mixing gas and liquid with high efficiency.
The online dissolved ozone tester can be installed to test dissolved ozone in water and show its concentration instantly.
This digital portable ozone tester in water is designed for laboratory. It is a good tool for experiment use.
Ventrui injector is used for mixing gas and liquid. It can increase the solubility of gases in liquids
Water Treatment in Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a very basic and broad industry. Whether it is traditional outdoor farming or emerging indoor farming, water treatment is required. This page will tell you how our products are used in indoor aquaculture water treatment.

How to ozonate water

What is ozone waterOzone gas is a strong oxidizing disinfectant, just like other common gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, it can be partially dissolved in water. The solution obtained when ozone gas is dissolved in water is ozone water.

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Is ozone a good disinfectant

Ozone gas has gradually come into people's sight as an efficient and broad-spectrum disinfectant. This article will give an introduction to ozone and give you a better understanding of some things about using ozone as a disinfectant.Introduction to Ozone.

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