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Qlozone is a leading ozone generator manufacturer in the industry, focusing on ozone technology research and has extensive experience in water treatment, air treatment and other fields.
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Guangzhou Qili Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is a manufacturer of small and medium ozone generators. Our main products are ozone generators for air treatment and water treatment and supporting accessories and testing equipment. We will not only provide you with the products you need, but also provide you with professional services. We support OEM/ODM orders and can design and manufacture products according to your needs.

We are located in Guangzhou with convenient transportation. Committed to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff are always ready to discuss your requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, we have obtained CE, ISO, RoHS certificates. We are ozone generator supplier. We have sold our products to  Europe, America, Africa and many other countries and regions. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to establish cooperative relations and create a better future with us. We will be your best partner.


Ozone Generator Types


Household Ozone Generator

Household ozone generators are some small ozone generators used in home environments. They have various forms and are suitable for a variety of family environments including apartments and villas. You can use them to disinfect the air in your home to remove formaldehyde, smoke smell and other smells , or you can make ozone water to disinfect the floor. 

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Commercial Ozone Generator

Commercial ozone generators have various forms, and some models overlap with household ozone generators. You can choose some small ozone machines for air disinfection in shops, hotels and other places. We also have ozone generators specially designed for commercial kitchen fume. If you need to frequently clean the floor while disinfecting, our ozone water machine will be very suitable.

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Industrial Ozone Generator

Industrial ozone generators are mainly used for industrial air treatment and water treatment with high ozone concentration. It can also be used in other industries such as winemaking. The industry's requirements for ozone concentration are higher than other use environments. Our industrial ozone machine has air source ozone machine and oxygen source ozone machine. The oxygen source ozone machine has a built-in oxygen generator unit, no external oxygen cylinder is required. 

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Ozone Generator Production Line

Guangzhou Qili Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. is a supplier of ozone generators and has its own production line. An ozone machine needs to be controlled at various levels from development to production.

Starting from product design, first, the designer will initially draw design drawings based on customer requirements or market feedback, combined with production conditions. Then start sample production. After the samples are produced, designers and engineers will evaluate the samples and make modifications. The sample can be put into production after the appearance, performance, internal structure arrangement and other contents are confirmed.

After entering the production line, a small batch production will be carried out. Workers assemble the machine according to the drawings. The assembled machine will be sent to the inspector for product inspection, and the product appearance, product line and product performance will be tested. After all items of the product pass the test, the product will be sent to the clean area, then packaged, and finally sent to the warehouse. We have our own warehouse to store some materials and machines. When the machines stored in the warehouse meet the order quantity requirements, they will be shipped according to negotiation.

Why Choose QLOZONE

Price And Quality

Guangzhou Qili is a global ozone equipment manufacturer, all machines are produced by ourselves, and there is no price difference. We can provide you with competitive prices. We have a complete production line and an independent warehouse, and can orderly conduct mass production.

Services And Consult

Our online customer service can respond to your inquiries as soon as possible during working hours. We will also respond to inquiries during non-working hours within 12 hours. You can ask your questions about products, transportation, customization, etc. 

Manufacture And Develop

We are a manufacturer with our own production lines and warehouses that can store materials and products. We can flexibly arrange production according to orders to reduce costs and improve production efficiency. At the same time, we also have our own product design and R&D team. Our R&D team is constantly developing new products to better adapt to the market environment. 

FAQ of Ozone Generator Manufacturer

  • Q What methods can I use to pay

    We support T/T, Alipay, and Western Union payments. Alipay is our company's delivery method through the Alibaba platform. It supports multiple payment methods such as credit cards. We do not support PayPal payments.
  • Q Can commodity prices be lower?

    The prices of all our products have been adjusted reasonably. If you do not need to buy products urgently, you can follow our activities. When we conduct promotional activities, we will give a lower price.
  • Q I want to know more about this product

    The content of the product page can answer most of your questions. You can also directly consult online or send us an email describing your question about a specific product. We will reply you as soon as possible.
  • Q How can I customize the product I want

    You can send us an email directly or consult online about the details of product customization.
  • Q Are you a distributor or a manufacturer

    We are a manufacturer with our own production line, warehouse, R&D department and sales department.

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