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QLOZONE focuses on providing first class industrial ozone generator, which can be customized according to your needs.

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Industrial ozone generators produce high ozone concentration and can be used for water treatment or air disinfection in large spaces. The output of the industrial ozone generator produced by our company is 10g/h to more than 500g/h.


When used for air disinfection, industrial ozone generators can produce high concentrations of ozone to reach industrial purification levels. According to different space sizes, machines with different ozone output can be selected.


When used in water treatment, industrial ozone generators can decolorize, deodorize, sterilize and disinfect sewage.


We support custom industrial ozone generators for sale. We also sell ozone spare parts and water quality monitors.

Qlozone Solutions

Online Technology Support

  • Quality Control

    The industrial ozone machine we produce is produced and assembled in strict accordance with the drawings, and the performance is tested by inspectors. The inspection items mainly include appearance inspection, line inspection and performance inspection. The first step is visual inspection. The tester detects whether the chassis is dented or damaged. The second step is line inspection, the tester checks the line connection. The third step is performance testing. Testers check the performance of the machine, verify the voltage, current and ozone production of the machine. Finally, reinstall the machine and check the appearance again to avoid misoperation and damage to the chassis during the detection process without finding it. After all the tests are passed, the machine will be sent to the packing room.

  • Online Support

    During working hours, we will reply to all online inquiries as soon as possible. We promise to reply within 12 hours for inquiries during non-working hours. We provide all inquiries about the company, product information, product application suggestions, and services. In addition to text introduction and explanation, we will provide you with pictures and videos about the company or products as needed. If pictures and videos are not available immediately, we will also take pictures and videos in time to answer your questions when conditions permit. Our online customer service is not only your direct contact, you can also connect to designated salespersons through customer service, allowing salespersons to directly make more detailed discussions based on the orders you are interested in.

  • After-sale Service

    After-sales service includes order tracking, video guidance, troubleshooting, defective product returns, and overdue repairs. After you complete the order payment, the salesman who communicated with you will inform you of the order progress in time. If you still have other concerns, we will still provide you with detailed answers. The warranty period for all goods is one year. Starting from the date of shipment, if the goods are damaged due to non-human reasons within one year, we will send you replaceable parts for free. If the machine is completely damaged, the machine can be replaced according to the situation. If the machine is damaged beyond the warranty period, we can provide you with paid maintenance services.

Customize Industrial Ozone Generator To Your Needs

All the industrial ozone generators we produce have their own customizable content, and different models may not have the same customizable parts. The customizable parts of our machines are mainly panels, chassis and other functions. You can customize the color of the panel and the content printed on the panel. You can choose the material of some cases. Optional chassis materials are stainless steel and carbon steel. The carbon steel material also supports spraying your favorite color. Some machines also support function additions such as adding concentration adjustment, temperature display, real-time ozone concentration display, etc. We can also change the internal circuit structure according to the machine to adapt to your external oxygen source to increase the ozone concentration.


How To Custom Your Ozone Generator


    Product Overview

    Get product catalogue. You can download our company's latest product catalogue through website file downloads to browse products, or you can get the catalogue from our online customer service or sales. The machines on the product catalogue all support customization. You can choose the model you are interested in and then ask for specific customization content. The customizable content of different models is not exactly the same.


    Customization Discussion

    After you select the model that needs to be customized, the salesperson will inform you of the items that can be customized for this model. You can also put forward the content you want to customize, and the salesperson will inform you of the possibility of achieving this customization after communicating with the technical department. Conventional customizable items include panels, chassis, packaging, brand addition, product labeling, increase ozone concentration adjustment function, increase timing function, increase dissolved ozone concentration display function, etc. Different models and different customized content require different MOQs.


    Payment And Production

    After the customized content is confirmed, you need to arrange payment. You can prepay part of the purchase price, but only when the payment is cleared will the goods be shipped. After the payment is confirmed, we will start to arrange the production of your order. Before production starts, you can still modify your customized items, but the delivery time will be extended. After the start of production, you may also incur additional costs to modify the customized project.

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