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  • Nov
    What are the raw materials of air purifier ozone generator?

    Air purifier ozone generator is active in the market with its ability to effectively sterilize and purify air. So, how does an ozone air purifier work? Air purifier ozone generator relies on the production of ozone, a highly oxidizing gas that reacts with germs and bacteria in the air, thereby decomposing and destroying them, achieving the effect of killing bacteria. air purifier ozone generator works in the same way to remove odors. The strong oxidizing nature of ozone allows it to attach to other atoms, including those that produce odors, thereby eliminating these odors. So what are the raw materials of air purifier ozone generator ? What are the differences between different raw materials of air purifier ozone generator? This article will solve these questions for you.

  • Oct
    How to use the air purifier ozone generator correctly?

    Now people are paying more and more attention to hygiene and health. Because of epidemics, air purifiers and ozone generators have entered the public's field of vision. Maybe you have questions, What is an air purifier ozone generator? How does an ozone air purifier work? In fact, the ozone generator of the air purifier can not only remove peculiar smell, but also disinfect by generating ozone water. The air purifier ozone generator can be used for home and industry, it can meet the needs of your different places. This article will introduce you to the correct use of air purifier ozone generator, the correct use of household air purifier ozone generator and the correct use of industrial ozone generator.

  • Oct
    How many types of air purifier ozone generator are there?

    Whether it is a home or a factory, an air purifier ozone generator is one of the common equipment that can quickly and effectively remove pollutants and odors in the air. But how does an ozone air purifier ozone generator work? In fact, ozone is composed of oxygen molecules and has strong reactivity. Because the third oxygen molecule is unstable, it is easy to attach to pollutant molecules or germs, destroying or decomposing pollutants or germs. To remove odor and sterilization. If you are considering buying an air purifier ozone generator, you need to fully understand the air purifier ozone generator. This article will tell you in detail the types of air purifier ozone generators and help you choose the best air purifier ozone generator.

  • Sep
    What is the principle of ozone air tester?

    We all know that the chemical nature of ozone is extremely lively. Its energy when it is free can produce strong oxidation in an instant, which can be sterilized, disinfected, and detoxified. It is widely used in water plant sterilization, tableware disinfection, indoor air purification, fruit and vegetable preservation, There are also medical treatments; however, if the ozone concentration is too high, it will cause huge harm to human health. Therefore, whether it is the strong oxidizing property of ozone or the prevention of its harmfulness, it is inseparable from the monitoring of ozone concentration . The role of ozone air tester can not be ignored.

  • Aug
    Is an ozone air tester accurate?

    Everyone knows that an ozone air tester is a device that converts information such as the composition and concentration of ozone gas into information that can be used by people, instruments, and computers. Normally, as long as the results of ozone air tester purchased through regular channels are accurate, there is no need to worry about this. So, how to judge that the measurement result of the purchased ozone air tester is accurate, and how to maintain the accuracy of the ozone air tester?

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