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Thread recommendation

  • Jan
    Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

    Dear customers,

  • Jan
    Application of Ozone Generator in Poultry Farm

    The use of ozone machines to disinfect farms covers many aspects, the most important of which are the cleaning of farm sheds and the purification of livestock and water.Keeping sheds clean is the key to preventing the disease. Farms need to regularly flush the sheds to remove all the dirt and feces

  • Dec
    2019 QLOZONE Annual Meeting

    2019 QLOZONE Annual Meeting

  • Dec
    Customer Visit QLOZONE for Water Sterilization Ozone Generators

    Guangzhou Qili has always adhered to customer-oriented and quality as its roots. Yesterday, Guangzhou Qili received the customer Mr.C. He made a special trip to China to find a supplier of ozone equipment for water treatment applications. e equipment for water treatment applications

  • Apr
    Water Treatment in Aquaculture

    Aquaculture is a very basic and broad industry. Whether it is traditional outdoor farming or emerging indoor farming, water treatment is required. This page will tell you how our products are used in indoor aquaculture water treatment.

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