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Workshop Disinfection Manual Commercial Ozone Generator

Warranty: 1 year
Place of origin: Guangdong, China
After sale service: Online support
The air cooling ozone generator can be applied to most place where need disinfection. Whether it is for household use, for air purification in factories, it is useful.

  • QLA-30G/40G

Pool Use Manual Commercial Ozone Generator for Water Purification

Disinfection of workshops with ozone

The production workshop must meet certain cleanliness specifications in order to comply with reasonable and reasonable production. Regardless of industry regulations or national and international requirements, ozone needs to reach a certain concentration in the workshop to be qualified.

Under normal circumstances, when ozone is used to disinfect a general workshop, the ozone concentration in the workshop should reach or exceed the concentration standard of 10 mg / m3, and after reaching this standard, the sealed disinfection is continued for 30 minutes.

If this involves sterilizing items in the premises, the ozone concentration should be increased. For workshops with high cleanliness, such as disinfection of Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 workshops, the ozone concentration should be higher.

The limitations of UV sterilization and the advantages of ozone sterilization

Traditional ultraviolet rays are irradiated in a straight line, and there is a "shadow effect" during disinfection, that is, it can not sterilize the corners and the space behind the objects. Ozone is heavier than air and has a good dispersion effect. It can enter all corners or gaps, has a fast sterilization speed, and has no secondary pollution. Therefore, in recent years, many food, pharmaceutical and other companies have eliminated UV lamps and used ozone generators to disinfect workshops, changing rooms, and warehouses.

Precautions when using the ozone generators

When using ozone generator, pay attention to the amount of ozone, the uniformity of ozone, the time of ozone disinfection, the temperature and humidity of the workshop.

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  • Cubic design, stable and reliable

  • High quality stainless steel figure, durable and protect inside

  • Adapted corona discharge technology, long service life

  • Light weight, portable to be taken

  • Easy to operate, save time and worry

  • Low energy comsuption, environmentally friendly

  • Double light indicator, easy to check fault

  • Optional timer function, free from repeat settings

  • Chinese/European/US plug support, adapt to different needs


Model QLA-30G/40G
Ozone output 30/40 g/h
Power 350/400 W
Purify area
200-300/250-350 ㎡
Ozone density Default: 15-25 mg/L   /   External oxygen source: 60-120 mg/L
Dimension 40*30*72 cm
NW/GW 16.4/25.0 kg     17/26 kg
Voltage 110-240V/50-60Hz
Cooling way Air cooling
Gas feeding
Air source(Optional external oxygen source)

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