Will an ozone generator kill mold?

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will an ozone generator kill mold

Something about mold you need to know

Mold is a kind of fungus. It can be found in everywhere is warm and damp like kitchen, bathroom and dustbin with rot food. They are an important part in nature, but they do also cause problems for our lives and even endanger our health.


Mold will slowly destroy the growing and breeding matrix, mainly the walls in the home, causing the wall to fall off and other issues. Some kind of mold will release toxic material which may cause allergic reaction. When it matures, its spores also affect breath health.


Why ozone generator can kill mold

Ozone has a strong oxidation ability that it can break down organic structure. That’s why ozone can kill mold. However, it is worth mentioning that ozone can not completely clean up mold. What ozone done is kill the mold and its spores, you need to clean up the dead mold on your own. Besides, to solve the mold problem fundamentally, we need to find out where the water leaks and solve it.


Use an ozone generator to kill mold

It is not simply killing mold by running an ozone generator. You can read these steps for reference.

  1. Replace the wall.

If the mold is too much that it covers a large area of your wall, you have to replace them by painting or replacing wall paper. It there is only a small place of mold, you should scrape them with cleaners first.

  1. Using ozone generator

The ozone generator can help you kill the spores in the environment, which can prevent the mold breed again. Running the ozone generator in the space where the mold stays for enough time according to the size of the room. After the ozone generator stop running, you need to wait about 30 min. High concentration of ozone is harmful, but they can break down into oxygen by themselves. It is safe when you can’t smell any ozone.



Ozone can kill mold and bacteria because of its strong oxidation ability. It can also affect people, so you should be careful when you use it. Luckily, it is easy to be safe when you use it.

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