Will an ozone generator get rid of smoke smell

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will an ozone generator get rid of smoke smell

Smoking is harmful to smokers, and secondhand smoke can harm non-smokers. Residual smoke can plague everyone. There are many ways to eliminate the smell of smoke, and the ozone generator is one of the most economical and efficient ways.

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What is ozone generator

What are the hazards of smoke

Method for removing smoke smell by ozone generator

What is ozone generator

Oxygen has two atoms, once it gains another oxygen atom, it turns into ozone. In general, that will happen in a high voltage environment. And ozone generators use this principle to generate ozone.


Ozone is highly oxidizing. This is why it is useful and dangerous at the same time. Ozone’s reactivity can harm the body's respiratory. It may cause cough, chest tightness, and even shock. It can also hurt animals and plants.


Since ozone is highly reactive, it can also kill bacteria, virus and mold. And you will find the smell caused by these microbes is gone. That shows why ozone can be useful. You only need to run the ozone generator for hours to do this.


One advantage of using an ozone concentrator is that ozone can decompose on its own. Ozone can disappear by itself in 30-40 min. This means no by-products after you used ozone generator.


What are the hazards of smoke

ozone generator for smokeWhen a cigarette or marijuana is ignited, it produces a lot of toxic and harmful substances. Nicotine, tar, nitrosamines and other substances can cause cancer. Incomplete combustion of tobacco also produces carbon monoxide, which poisons the human body.


Residual smoke is also a big problem, they penetrate into every aspect of the environment. Clothing, furniture, and even walls can become stinky.


If you encounter an environment with residual smoke when you move to a new home, you may want to consider clearing them. Smoke smells are sometimes very stubborn. If you don't take the initiative to remove them, you may be faintly smelling them for a long time. This is not a good experience.


Removing the smell of smoke will also help the smoker to control smoking to some extent. For non-smokers, the smell of smoke is unpleasant, but for people who are used to smoking, the smell of smoke is likely to cause them to want to come. On the other hand, removing smoke is also good for maintaining the image of smokers. After all, most people will still be far away from those who have a strong smell of smoke.


Method for removing smoke smell by ozone generator

The ozone concentrator can of course remove the smell of smoke. The reason is that ozone has strong oxidizing properties. The smell of smoke is mainly derived from organic substances such as nicotine and tar. Ozone can neutralize these substances and convert them into harmless substances.


Although ozone has certain harm to the human body, as long as you use ozone generator safely, the risk of ozone can be completely avoided. Simple induction is never exposed yourself to high concentrations of ozone, so be sure to leave the room when you using ozone generator.


Usually there are household ozone generator and commercial ozone generator, you need to find the suitable machine to remove the smoke smell.


When you use the ozone concentrator, you need to turn it on for several hours, usually 3-6h. After the machine has stopped running, you need to wait an additional 30-40 minutes. This period is to ensure that the residual ozone decomposes by itself. When you can't smell the smell of ozone, it proves that you are very safe. If the ozone tastes too strong, you'd better wait a little longer.


The smell of smoke will lower the quality of our lives and remove them for our health. Qlozone specializes in ozone equipment and is skilled in various ozone technologies. If you want to know more details, please contact us. Let’s use an ozone generator to get rid of smoke smell.

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