What is the scope of ozone air tester?

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The ozone air tester is suitable for the use of combustible gas and the presence of toxic gases in fuel gas, petroleum, fire fighting, metallurgy, hotels, chemical industry, mines, etc. It can effectively avoid fire, explosion, poisoning and other personal injury accidents and property losses caused by the leakage of combustible gas and toxic gas. And the role of different types of ozone air testers is also different. So what are the specific scope of ozone air testers? Where are the different types of detectors used in?


  • Where are ozone air testers used?

  • Scope of portable ozone air tester

  • Scope of fixed ozone air tester

  • Scope of pumped ozone air tester


Where are ozone air testers used?

Ozone preparation workshop (ozone generator, ozone plant, etc.); chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical and flavor and fragrance industry (oxidant, catalyst and refined preparation in chemical oxidation); water treatment (large-scale waterworks, chemical sewage, reclaimed water) Reuse, printing and dyeing sewage, water engineering, secondary water supply, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, petroleum wastewater, electroplating wastewater advanced treatment, food industry; food, pharmaceutical industry (large-scale processing workshop air sterilization); ozone preparation workshop ( Ozone generator, ozone workshop, etc.); O3 concentration analysis control during ozone sterilization; gas detection in chemical oxidation workshop; environmental concentration analysis of ozone preparation, ozone generator; food and medicine sterilization workshop


Scope of portable ozone air tester

The portable ozone air tester is designed to protect people's lives. The instrument is small and light, can be easily loaded on a belt, shirt pocket or hard hat, and can detect the concentration of ozone gas exposed to extreme environments. When the concentration of gas detected in the air is too high, the ozone air tester can send a triple alarm signal of sound and light vibration at the first time, thus effectively avoiding poisoning accidents caused by the concentration of ozone gas in the air being too high.


Scope of fixed ozone air tester

It is composed of a gas detection alarm controller and a fixed ozone air tester. The gas detection alarm controller can be placed in the duty room to monitor and control each monitoring point. The ozone air tester is installed at the location where the gas is most likely to leak. Its core component is gas sensor. Fixed ozone detection alarms are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, coal mines, water plants and other environments to effectively prevent explosion accidents.


Scope of pumped ozone air tester

Pump suction ozone air tester uses a built-in suction pump, which can quickly detect the ozone concentration in the working environment. The pump-type ozone air tester adopts imported electrochemical sensors, has a very clear large LCD screen, and sound and light alarm prompts, to ensure that dangerous gases can also be detected in a very unfavorable working environment and promptly prompt operators to prevent.


Based on the above summary, I believe you have learned about the different types and scopes of ozone air tester applications. I hope you can choose the appropriate ozone air tester according to your requirements.

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