What is a quartz tube ozone generator?

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The term ozone is known to all. The atmosphere of 20-50 kilometers above the ground provides the earth with a protective shield against ultraviolet rays. However, on the ground, excessive ozone concentration is a kind of harm, which affects the growth of crops and also irritates human tissues such as eyes. In industry, however, ozone is widely used. Ozone has many functions in industrial production, such as disinfection, sterilization, purification, preservation, etc. The equipment used to produce ozone is ozone generator, quartz tube ozone generator is one of ozone generators.


  • Definition of quartz tube ozone generator

  • quartz tube ozone generator  VS  ceramic tube ozone generator

  • Application of quartz tube ozone generator


Definition of quartz tube ozone generator

Quartz tube ozone generator is a kind of high voltage discharge generator. This kind of ozone generator USES a certain frequency of high voltage current to create high voltage corona electric field, making the electrochemical reaction of oxygen molecules in the electric field or around the electric field, so as to produce ozone. This kind of ozone generator has the advantages of mature technology, stable operation, long service life and large ozone production (up to 1Kg/h per unit), so it is the most widely used ozone generator in relevant industries at home and abroad.


Quartz tube ozone generator  VS  ceramic tube ozone generator

Ceramic ozone generating tube of the dielectric properties of dielectric body, better than the glass tube and ceramic material with high dielectric strength, large dielectric constant value and strong corrosion resistance ability, can be used in high frequency condition stable for a long time, ozone for thin wall ceramic tube, and the precision of the finishing grinding equipment, production of the size of the ceramic tube of high precision, wall thin, good roundness, even discharge, etc. Moreover, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low power consumption, small volume, long life, no corrosion, no oxidation, high temperature resistance, and very low attenuation rate of continuous ozone production.

Although quartz tube is not as good as ceramic tube in terms of the above parameters, the raw material cost of quartz tube is low. For ozone generator tube of the same specification, the price of ceramic ozone generator tube is 3-5 times that of quartz. In addition to the concentration is not as high as ceramic tube, but the service life is not lower than ceramic tube, in air disinfection, due to the characteristics of suitable processing of quartz tube, the output of single tube is much larger than ceramic tube. Therefore, the production cost of quartz tube is much lower than that of ceramic tube when the ozone concentration requirement is not high. Therefore, the user should according to their own actual requirements, reasonable choice of which material ozone tube, application can not only meet the requirements of disinfection, but also reduce the production cost of enterprises.


Application of quartz tube ozone generator

1. quartz tube ozone generator tableware disinfection: after cleaning tableware soaked in live oxygen water, can kill hepatitis B virus, to achieve a complete sterilization effect, there is no disinfectant residue. It is the ideal guarantee of your health.

2. quartz tube ozone generator refrigerator deodorization: in the refrigerator through the live oxygen, can kill bacteria due to a long time did not handle and breeding, but also deodorization to extend the storage time of food, so that the food does not smell.

3. quartz tube ozone generator clothes washing and disinfection: live oxygen water can bleach the dirt on the clothes appearance, reduce the amount of washing powder and water, thoroughly clean the smell of socks, underwear sweat and towel acid, and can kill the bacteria attached to the clothes for a long time.

4. quartz tube ozone generator pet, garbage odor elimination: pet odor, garbage storage air is sometimes unbearable. The sterilization, deoxidation and decomposition of live oxygen can solve this problem quickly.

5. quartz tube ozone generator new bedroom, furniture in addition to taste: the chemical agent in decorative materials will volatilize toxic gas toluene, formaldehyde, ozone strong oxidation performance in 10 minutes to eliminate 3 years to completely volatilize the harmful chemical substances. Let you enjoy the fresh air of forest after rain. Break down harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene in your new room to keep the air fresh.


Quartz tube ozone generator is widely used in drinking water, wastewater, process water, industrial oxidation, bleaching, deodorization, waste gas treatment, space disinfection and many other fields, if you have needs in these respects, quartz tube ozone generator will be a good choice.