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What are the use of commercial ozone generator

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What is commercial ozone generator?

Application of commercial ozone generator


What is commercial ozone generator

What is commercial ozone generator? First, we should know what is an ozone generator and how it works.


The ozone machine sucks in air or pure oxygen through a fan or a gas pump. After being dried and dusted, it is sent into the ozone generating tube. A high-voltage electric field is formed in the ozone generating tube to ionize the gas, and new substances such as ozone and nitrogen dioxide are formed, which are discharged by the fan or the air pump.


In a high voltage environment, the molecules of matter in the air are ionized, and the free oxygen ions combine with each other to produce ozone. However, oxygen ions may also combine with nitrogen ions to form a small number of by-products like nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide.


Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, so it has the ability to sterilize, disinfect, and discolor.

The amount of ozone required for different scenarios is different, and the ozone generator used is divided into household ozone generator and commercial ozone generator.


Commercial ozone generator, as its name suggests, is used in industry and commerce. It produces a large amount of ozone and a high concentration, which is suitable for industrial and commercial needs.


Application of commercial ozone generator

As we talked above, commercial ozone generator can be used for disinfection and sterilization. Now let’s see the specific industry and commerce where may use it.


Air sterilization

Clean air is good for improving the yield of certain products such as food and cosmetics. In addition, the cold storage requirements for air cleanliness will be higher in order to extend the shelf life of the food.


Qlozone have vertical and wall-mounted ozone machines which can meet these needs. With the built-in fan, they have a large amount of gas output, and the ozone dispersion speed is fast, which can effectively purify all corners without leaving a dead angle.


Another application for air purification is kitchen grease and odor removal. Qlozone’s QLC series can handle this perfectly. Duct mounted ozone generators can release ozone into the ventilation pipe. Then it will oxidize grease and odor.


Water treatment

Ozone generators can be used in almost all water treatments. For occasions requiring disinfection, such as swimming pools, domestic sewage treatment, factory wastewater treatment, etc., ozone generators are used at the end of the entire disinfection process. Qlozone has rich experience in various water treatments, and can tailor the optimal solution according to the customer's ozone environment and needs.


Ozone generators also can be used in drinking water treatment. There is a requirement for residual ozone in the filling of bottled water. Ozone should be introduced as required during filling to maintain water quality. Water tanks in the community also need to be disinfected to avoid algae breeding.


Besides, in recirculating aquaculture, ozone machines are used for sterilize the circulating water. Qlozone has developed RAS system for years. It can raise many kinds of fish and shrimp indoor.



In short, commercial ozone generators are mainly used in air purification and water treatment for industry or commerce. It has high ozone output and high ozone concentration. For years of ozone machines manufacturing, Qlozone can give you specialize advise and solutions. Contact us now and have a professional service.

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