What are the functions of quartz tube ozone generator?

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For a long time, in the aspects of medical and health, pharmaceutical, food processing, etc., disinfection and sterilization of water and air has been using ultraviolet radiation, chemical drugs fumigation, spraying and other methods, there are many defects in use. The emergence of ozone sterilization and disinfection products provides a fast, efficient, safe and reliable disinfection method, which is the ideal replacement product of traditional disinfection equipment and has been widely used. So, what are the main functions of the quartz tube ozone generator?


  • Sterilization.

  • Detoxification

  • Protection and preservation

  • Deodorization and odor removal



Studies have shown that ozone is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, fast fungicide. The quartz tube ozone generator can quickly kill all kinds of pathogens, viruses and microorganisms that cause human and animal diseases. Ozone is a very oxidizing substance. With its oxidizing properties, it can destroy the biological structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a relatively short period of time, and the ozone generator makes it lose its viability. There are many compounds that use oxidizing properties to kill microorganisms to achieve sterilization, such as common chlorine gas, bleaching powder, potassium permanganate, etc. However, these bactericides are not only slower than ozone sterilization, but the general bactericides are harmful to humans.



Ozone can effectively remove toxic gases through oxidation reaction, quartz tube ozone generator such as C0, S02, mustard gas and so on. Ozone dissolved in water can be oxidized and decomposed to effectively remove toxic substances in the water such as heavy metal ions, organic poisons, cyanide, sulfide and pesticides such as dichlorvos, omethoate, malach sulfuric acid, etc.


Protection and preservation

Due to the strong killing effect of ozone on bacteria and microorganisms, the quartz tube ozone generator uses ozone water to treat meat and other foods to achieve the effects of antisepsis, elimination of odor and freshness. A large amount of negative ions can be generated at the same time as ozone is generated. Some negative ions in the air can effectively inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables and delay their metabolic process. At the same time, ozone can kill the pathogenic bacteria that cause the rot of fruits and vegetables, and decompose metabolic wastes such as ethylene, alcohols, aldehydes, aromatics and the like generated during the storage of fruits and vegetables. In this way, under the action of ozone and negative ions, it inhibits the metabolism of fruits and vegetables and the growth and spread of microbial pathogens, thereby delaying its subsequent ripening and aging, preventing its decay and deterioration, and achieving the effect of preservation. Studies have shown that ozone can extend the storage period of food, beverages and fruits and vegetables by 3-10 times. 


Deodorization and odor removal

The main components of the quartz tube ozone generator that cause odor and spoilage in nature are ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, etc. Ozone can chemically react with them to oxidize and decompose it into non-toxic, Odorless substance, so as to achieve the effect of deodorization.


Ozone, as a gas sterilant, relies on its oxidizability to produce a strong killing effect on microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and molds. Like any disinfectant, it causes a certain physiological response or even damage to animals and humans, but ozone is much smaller than commonly used disinfectants, and environmental protection is also much easier. Smell the specific odor of ozone. "Irritation" means that the respiratory tract is thick and responsive. It feels dry mouth, cough, strong stimulus, sore throat, and fatigue. It takes several hours to recover. So far, there has been no fatal accident due to ozone poisoning in the world. Ozone as a disinfectant has strong sterilization ability, can decompose itself without residual pollution, and the discomfort after contact disappears immediately after leaving the site. It is because of the common disinfectants such as formaldehyde (formalin), peracetic acid, potassium permanganate, etc. By comparison, the correct application of ozone with a scientific attitude can ensure that the health is not damaged. Therefore, we must learn to use the quartz tube ozone generator correctly to ensure that it can exert the maximum effect.

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