What are the advantages of quartz tube ozone generator?

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Quartz tube ozone generator are very versatile, can be used for space disinfection, and can also be used for water treatment. The popularity in the market is also very high, so does the quartz tube ozone generator have advantages that other equipment does not have? The answer is yes. Quartz tube ozone generator has great advantages in many fields such as water treatment, chemical oxidation, food processing and medical treatment.


  • Advantages in drinking water and pure water treatment

  • Advantages in chemical oxidation

  • What are the advantages of quartz tube ozone generator in the food industry?

  • The role of quartz tube ozone generator in the medical industry


Advantages in drinking water and pure water treatment

Disinfection mechanism of ozone for drinking water Ozone can react with bacterial cell wall lipid double bonds, penetrate into the inside of the bacterial body, act on lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides, change the permeability of cells, resulting in cell lysis and death. At present, in my country, pure water, beverage factories and other drinking water production departments generally use chlorine disinfection, and the use of chlorine disinfection has serious secondary pollution problems. Since 1973, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States and other countries have successively discovered that halogenated organic compounds (chloroform, chloramine, etc.) will be produced in tap water disinfected with chlorine, which has been shown to be carcinogenic by animal experiments. Moreover, chlorine disinfection is susceptible to temperature and PH value. Residual chlorine also affects the taste of drinking water, especially for beverage water. Chlorine will cause the smell of chlorine in carbonated beverages and other beverage products, and oxidize the 95 essence and pigment in the beverage, although it affects the product quality.

In comparison, ozone has a stronger oxidizing and disinfecting ability than chlorine, which not only can disinfect and disinfect more thoroughly, but also can degrade harmful components contained in water and remove impurities such as heavy metal ions and various organic substances, such as iron, manganese, and sulfides. Benzene, phenol, organic phosphorus, organic chlorine, cyanide, etc.can also deodorize and decolorize water, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water. Ozone has strong adaptability and is less affected by water temperature and PH value. Ozone has a wide adaptable range and is not limited by bacteria. The sterilization effect is better than that of chlorine disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection. Unlike chlorine, residual ozone can be decomposed into oxygen on its own without secondary pollution. The ozone-treated water is colorless, odorless, and has a good taste, which can improve the quality of drinking water.

Advantages in chemical oxidation

Ozone is used as an oxidant, catalyst and refiner in the chemical, petroleum, paper, textile and pharmaceutical, and perfume industries. Ozone's strong oxidizing ability can easily break the carbon chain bond of olefins and alkynes, and make new compounds after partial oxidation. In the purification of biological and chemical polluting gases, the foul odor of fur, casings and fish processing plants, rubber and chemical plants can be deodorized by ozone. Ozone has a catalytic effect on the synthesis of pesticides, and it can oxidize and decompose some pesticide residues. 


What are the advantages of quartz tube ozone generator in the food industry?

Ozone's strong sterilization ability and no residual pollution advantages make it widely used in the disinfection and deodorization of the food industry, mildew preservation. The US Food and Medical Administration (FDA) revised the regulations that restrict the use of ozone as a “food additive” in April 1997, allowing ozone to be used in food processing and storage without application. It plays an important role in the advancement of food processing technology and the improvement of food quality.

The role of quartz tube ozone generator in the medical industry

Disinfecting the air in wards and operating rooms is the main direction of ozone promotion in my country, and many applied research experiments on treatment have been carried out abroad. Medical and dentists in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France and Italy have been using ozone for treatment for many years, such as oral surgery and dentistry. Use ozone water to keep the mouth sterile, use ozone and radiation therapy to treat cancer, drink ozone water Treatment of women's diseases, injection of ozone gas to treat fistula hemorrhoids, varicose veins, etc.


Quartz tube ozone generator has good sterilization effect and long life. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry and has outstanding advantages. It adopts the most advanced technology in the world and has the advantages of high efficiency, integration and complete control functions. If you have this aspect The demand, quartz tube ozone generator will be a good choice.

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