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UV Ozone Banknotes Disinfection Cabinet Against Virus

Warranty: 1 year
Place of origin: Guangdong, China
After sale service: Online support
This new type disinfection cabinet combines uv and ozone disinfection to help you better prevent virus.

UV Ozone Banknotes Disinfection Cabinet Against Virus

The pandemic of disease affects everyone, every industry. For highly infectious diseases, only everyone who takes precautionary measures can fundamentally stop the spread of the virus. Scientific research proves that viruses can attach to the surface of objects, and they are still contagious for several hours. Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect the articles. In bank, the surface disinfection of goods is reflected in the disinfection of money. Because coins and banknotes is widely used, it is more likely to become a carrier of viruses. Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect it.

What can this disinfection cabinet do

The combination of ozone and UV

Different sterilization methods target different types of bacterial viruses, and different sterilization methods have their applicability and limitations. The advantage of UV disinfection is that the surface disinfection is fast, but the disadvantage is that the disinfection effect in the shadow is very poor. The advantage of ozone disinfection is that there is no dead corner and no secondary pollution, but the disadvantage is that it takes a certain time to achieve the maximum effectiveness.

This disinfection cabinet combines UV and ozone disinfection, which can not only kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses, but also disinfect in all directions without dead ends.

Interior space partition

The default single-layer partition divides the interior of the disinfection cabinet into two spaces to disinfect more items. Can be customized according to the specific needs of customers.

Increasing the partition inside can make more effective use of space, increase the number of items for a single disinfection, and improve disinfection efficiency.

Easy operation and automatic shutdown

This disinfection cabinet is easy to operate, just put the items to be disinfected and close the door open switch. After the disinfection is completed, the disinfection cabinet can be automatically turned off. In addition to saving energy, automatic shutdown can avoid over-disinfection.

Excessive disinfection can damage the item itself. The automatic shutdown after disinfection can effectively avoid this situation and greatly reduce the damage to the items during the disinfection process.

Contact us to customize a more suitable disinfection cabinet.


  • Box design, easy placement

  • High quality stainless steel figure, durable and protect inside

  • Easy to operate, save time and worry

  • Low energy comsuption, environmentally friendly

  • Automatic shutdown, save energy and avoid over disinfection

  • High quality stainless steel figure

  • Chinese/European/US plug support, adapt to different needs

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