The safe way to use ozone generator

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the safe way to use ozoen generator

Whether it is household ozone generator or commercial ozone generator, maybe you’ve worried that using an ozone generator is harmful. But you may also have heard of many cases using them.  After all, things always have two sides, one is black and the other is white, so is ozone.


The effect of ozone at high density

effect of ozone

Talking the toxicity without dose is playing fools. Too much water can lead to overhydration. Too much food can make you over weight. What if there is too much ozone?

When ozone concentration is up to about 50 ppb (part per billion), people will feel pungent. If the concentration continues to increase, ozone will cause coughing, throat irritation, shortness of breath and chest pain. At a much higher concentration, pulmonary function can be significantly affected, even leading to emphysema, disturbance of consciousness and death. Usually, people begin feeling uncomfortable when the concentration is over 0.1 ppm (part per million).

How to use ozone generators in safe way

As high concentration of ozone can do harm to people, we should notice the concentration in the safe level. According to international ozone association, the safe density of ozone people can directly touch is no more than 0.1 ppm.


That means, when we use ozone generators, we should care about the density in air. If the density of ozone is under safe level, there is no need to do any protection. However, for many places like workshops, ozone density is higher than safe level. Because in that level, ozone can performance much better in killing bacteria, odors and mold. In that case, we must make sure there is no people or animals even plants occupied when the generators are working.


Usually, there’s no need to take too much worries about using ozone generators. For one hand, people can smell ozone if it arrived at 0.02 ppm That is much lower than the safe density level. For another hand, make sure there is no others in the room when the generator is working is easy to control.


Though ozone can do harm to people when its density is high, using ozone generators is simple and easy to be safe.

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