Common Problems with Ozone

Low concentrations of ozone can be sterilized. Generally, the ozone concentration in forest areas can reach 0.1ppm, but ozone exceeding the standard is an invisible killer!
 It strongly stimulates the respiratory tract, causing sore throat, chest tightness and cough, bronchitis and emphysema;
Ozone and organic waste gas generated by the toner of the copier are a strong carcinogen, which can cause various cancers and cardiovascular diseases.
 Ozone can damage vitamin E in human skin, causing wrinkles and dark spots on human skin;
Ozone can also destroy the body's immune function, induce lymphocyte chromosomal lesions, accelerate aging, and cause pregnant women to have deformed children;
 Ozone can cause human neurotoxicity, dizziness, headache, decreased vision, and memory loss;

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Qlozone ozone uv banknotes book disinfection sterilizer cabinet
Ultraviolet ozone disinfection cabinet sterilization refers to the double sterilization of ultraviolet rays through wavelength sterilization and the strong oxidizing nature of the ozone generated by the internal tube generator. Ultraviolet sterilization is in the ultraviolet UV-C band: the strongest sterilizing power in the range of 250-270nm.
Qlozone livestock farm ozone disinfection machine pipeline type commercial kitchen ozone generator
1.Intelligent remote control,2-24Hr intelligent timing
2.Easy installatiion and maintenance,simple operation and cost saving
3.Adopting air cooling technology,it can work continuously for a long time
4.The ozone delivery distance is far away,the distribution is uniform,and the sterilization efficiency is high
5.The external case is made of stainless steel,corrosion resistant and cost saving
Qlozone ozone generator water sterilization treatment cleaning system for aquaculture ozone washing machine
 High ozone water production
Advanced air-cooling water cooling
Easy and simple control,compact design
Very efficient with excellent mass transfer of ozone
Over-temperature over current protection
Integrate ozone generators,oxygen concentrator,oxygen concentrator,gas liquid mixing pump
Ready to use upon delivery
Back water protection
This is the QLA-3G/5G portable ozone generator.
It can disinfect and deodorize the home air environment and the interior of the car, and has the advantages of rapid disinfection, no dead ends, high efficiency, and low cost.
  1. Multi-functional, can be used for both air and water treatment 
  2. Corona discharge technology 
  3. 2 hours manual timer or continuous running 
  4. Light weight compact design 
  5. High ozone output , long service life time 
  6. Easy to operate , portable design
Qlozone household car space disinfection air purifier mini ozone generator machine 5g car ozone generator
  1. Long life ceramic plate

  2. Manual 0-120 min timer

  3. Portable light weight design

  4. Over-heat,over-voltage protection

  5. Inside fan cooling

  6. ​High Grade stainless steel

Qlozone aquatic plant disinfection ozone water machine for washing plant breeding oxygen source concentrator ozone generator

1.Movable, easy to operate, just connect water intet High pressure, reducing labor costs

2.Safe and hygienic, no secondary pollution, no chemical disinfectants

3.Integrate ozone generators, oxygen concentrator, gas liquid mixing pump

4.Back water protection

5.Ozone water can provide a clean environment and kill bacteria

Qlozone small household ozone generator for washing fruit vegetables
1.Quickly decompose pesticides in fruits & vegetables
2.Remove a myriad of odors from smoke,pets,animals,cooking,mold,mildew,etc
3.Keep air fresher and cleaner for hotel,motel rooms,vehicles,cars,etcs
4.Refrigerator sterilization and keep food fresh for longer time
5.Renove hormone and other additives from meat,remove fishy smell,virus from seafood
6.Skin care and facial for women,to clear away pore dirt,bactria and prevent freckles,etc
Qlozone portable ozone machine kitchen air water purifier ozone generator for water treatment
1.Multi-functional,can be used for both air and water treatment
2.Corona discharge technology
3.2 hours manual timer or continuous running
4.Ligh weight compact design
5.High ozone output,long service life time
6.Easy to operate,portable design