Something You May not Know about Ozone

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something you may not know about ozone


Ozone is a light blue gas with a pungent odor at room temperature and pressure. At very low concentrations (about 0.02 ppm), humans can smell it.

In the natural environment, ozone exists in the ozone layer of the earth's atmosphere, which absorbs and retains heat from the sun as a greenhouse gas. During a thunderstorm, a large amount of ozone is generated in the air under the action of lightning. Ozone itself is not very chemically stable, and will react with other substances in the air or decompose back to oxygen quickly.


The oxygen atoms of ozone are very active, so ozone is highly oxidizing. Even ozone molecules react with each other to produce oxygen. Ozone molecules can react with biological cell membranes, destroying cell membranes and causing cell death. It can also destroy the viral protein coat or naked RNA viruses.


After ozone is dissolv ed in water, the oxidation ability will be further improved. When the concentration is appropriate, whether it is ozone gas or ozone water, it can be used as a highly effective and safe disinfectant. When the ozone gas concentration is too high, it will damage the organisms exposed to the ozone environment, including indoor green plants, cats, dogs, and humans. Therefore, when using ozone gas for disinfection, make sure that no people or other animals and plants are present in the disinfection environment.


The strong oxidizing properties of ozone can be applied in many fields.


Industry mainly uses ozone for air disinfection and water treatment. Air disinfection can kill free bacteria and viruses in the air. Biological contamination attached to the surface of production equipment can also be removed. The applications of water treatment in industry are relatively diverse, the most of which is wastewater treatment. At the end of the wastewater treatment process, it is often necessary to perform operations such as decolorization and deodorization, and reducing the number of specific bacteria. Ozone can be used for the final treatment of wastewater safely, because ozone will not generate secondary pollutants during the oxidation process, and no additional treatment is needed. Wastewater can be discharged after treatment.

In addition to wastewater treatment, ozone can also be used to decolorize clothes in industry. In places where clothing is made, it is sometimes necessary to decolor the clothes to achieve the desired effect. The use of ozone water to treat denim is widely used.

In other water treatment applications, ozone can be used in indoor aquaculture water, swimming pool water, spa water, etc., and plays an important role in the water treatment process.


Ozone used in commerce is mainly used to store food. The introduction of ozone into cold storage or closed warehouses can inhibit the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria and kill organisms such as mites, thereby extending the storage time of goods, especially food.

Other similar warehouses where items need to be stored, such as archives, can be disinfected with ozone to reduce the consumption of important documents.

Ozone gas can also be used to clean oil and grease from kitchen pipes. In commercial kitchens, regular cleaning of pipes is time consuming and costly, and the use of ozone can save a lot of energy and money and achieve the same purpose of removing oil and soot.


Ozone can replace household disinfectants to some extent. It is mainly used in households to remove pesticide residues on vegetables and fruits, or to thoroughly and safely sterilize towels and clothing.

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