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Qlozone portable ozone machine kitchen air water purifier ozone generator for water treatment

Qlozone portable ozone machine kitchen air water purifier ozone generator for water treatment
1.Multi-functional,can be used for both air and water treatment
2.Corona discharge technology
3.2 hours manual timer or continuous running
4.Ligh weight compact design
5.High ozone output,long service life time
6.Easy to operate,portable design
  • QLA-3G-W
  • Qlozone

Qlozone portable ozone machine kitchen air water purifier ozone generator for water treatment

It's always a problem that how to get rid of mold and odors in car. Use this car ozone generator can help you out.

Ozone disinfection of automotive air conditioning systems

If the air-conditioning system in car is not cleaned and disinfectioned regularly. It will mold because of a large amount of debris, rotate accumulated on the evaporator of the air-conditioner. This will produce a large number of bacteria in the inner space. Not only produces an unpleasant odor. It also seriously endangers the health of you and your family every day. To use this car ozone sterilizer, first put the silicone tube into the car, turn on the car air conditioner, and turn on the external circulation mode. Close the windows and start disinfection.

Remove the smoke smell in car

Many of our car enthusiasts may like to smoke when driving. Long time in the interior of the car, there will definitely be a smell of smoke, which makes us uncomfortable when driving, especially as a car owner if we are in such an environment for a long time. Middle driving must have a bad impact on our bodies. This ozone generator air purifier can help you remove the smoke smell, especially targeted at the residual. This ozone generator is also useful for mold. We will have A better driving environment. 

How to use ozone generator in car

First we must ensure that the space is sealed. The windows and skylights are all closed. The working environment of this commercial ozone generator is in a closed environment. Purify the environment. If the space is not closed, it will definitely have a great impact on the use effect, and the purification time will be extended.


  • Small cuboid design, stable and placeable

  • High quality stainless steel figure, durable and protect inside

  • Adapted corona discharge technology, long service life

  • Light weight, portable to be taken

  • Easy to operate, save time and worry

  • Low energy comsuption, environmentally friendly

  • 30 min timer, free from repeat settings

  • Chinese/European/US plug support, adapt to different needs


Rated power
Ozone density
15-25 mg/L
15-25 mg/L
Equipment size
38*16*21 cm
38*16*21 cm
Packing size
38*24*22 cm
38*24*22 cm
Cooling way
Air cooling
Air cooling
Power supply/voltage
Applicable air
Air source
Air source