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Qlozone industrial ozone-generator water treatment machinery aquaculture water purifier ozone generator 50g

QLO-50G is an ozone machine,oxygen feeding ozone machine including air compressor, filter, condensor, oxygen molecular sieve,oxygen flow meter ect,mainly applied into water treatment like aquaculture.
Model QLO-80G QLO-100G QLO-150G QLO-200G
Output 80G 100G 150G 200G
Rated power 1700W 1900W 3200W 3600W
Ozone density 80-120 mg/L 80-120mg/L 80-120mg/L 80-120mg/L
Applicable to water 40-50 m³/h 50-70 m³/h 70-100 m³/h 80-100 m³/h
Equipment size 60*45*140 cm 80*55*145 cm    
Packing size 90*66*154 cm(wooden) 90*66*154 cm(wooden)    
N/G 69kg/100kg 86kg/107kg    
Cooling flow 1.8-2 m²/h 1.8-2 m²/h    
oxygen flow rate 16L 20L 30L 40L
Ozone outlet pressure 0.05-0.06 0.05-0.06 0.06-0.08 0.06-0.08
Power supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Cooling way water-cooling water-cooling water-cooling water-cooling
Ozone output:
  • QLO-50G
  • Qlozone

QLO-50G ozone machine has a built-in oxygen generation unit, which has high ozone concentration. The 

ozone generation unit, air compressor, filter device, and equipment start running when power is on.

Convenient and simple operation, ready to use and ready to produce, continuous ozone generation, ozone 

concentration adjustment.

QLO-50G ozone machine adopts a stainless steel case, which is beautiful, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation.

QLO-50G ozone generator tube has high conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous 

operation and long service life.

1.Technology corona discharge quartz ozone cell

2.Adjustable ozone output:0-100%

3.Inner air compressor and condenser,water filter

4.Cooling way:air cooled or water cooled

5.Inner PSA oxygen generator unit

6.Over heat,over temperrture,over voltage protection

7.Back water prevented solenoid valve

8.Ultra-low rate of ozone decay

9.Plug and play

10.High ozone concentration output

More details please check the website link below:

Rated power
Ozone concentration
Applicable to water
Equipment size
50*40*115 cm
Packing size
50.5*61*81 cm(wooden)
50.5*61*81 cm(wooden)
Cooling way
Water cooling
Water cooling
Power supply/voltage
Applicable air
oxygen source
oxygen source

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Product Name 50G/H oxygen feeding ozone generator
Modle QLO-50G
Voltage 110-220V/5060HZ
Ozone  Output 50g/h
Power 945W
Dimmension 50*40*115cm
Gas Feeding Oxygen feeding
Cooling Way Water cooling


QLO-50G/H oxygen feeding ozone generator inside oxygen generating unit, the case material is 304 

stainless steel, there are ozone and air pump switch, oxygen flow meter,timer, ozone concentration 

adjustabment, current and voltage metre, also the side of Ozone generator are proof dust fan, power supply 

inlet, cooling water in and out, fuse and ozone output.

QLO-50G (2)QLO-50G (3)

Degrades organic matter, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other substances in water, and kills pathogenic 

bacteria and plankton in water. It is used in water to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms at a high speed, and completely removes organic compounds and other pollutants without causing secondary effects. 

Secondary pollution, and can reduce the biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand, remove 

nitrite, suspended solids and decolorization.

Ozone generators are widely used in sewage treatment, livestock and aquaculture, water disinfection, etc.

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Warranty terms:

We will charge for the repairing materials as following:


(1) Damage due to natural disaster or other majeure reasons;

(2) Product damage by human during transportation;

(3) Product damages due to unauthorized operation unless instructed by us or authorized distributor;

(4) Product damages due to high humidity working environment or flooded by water;

(5) Fail to provide proof of purchase or warranty card.


If on-site service is required, customer will be required to pay for the cost of traveling, and we or distributors can 

decide to come or not according to the distance.


In the case of sterilization standard is not met due to improper operation or malfunction of the product, Qili does 

not take any responsibility.




(1) Fan filtering net cleaning/replacement: the dust net needs regular cleaning due to accumulate dust from the air 

(refer to the maintenance cycle table below). Turn off the power before cleaning, and take off the cover of the fan. 

Then take out the stainless steel fan filtering net, clean it with clean water, and do not re-assemble it until it is dry.

(2) High voltage parts water removal: during humid season, there is moisture on connecting cable of the 

transformer (the high voltage unit), transformer, and the connecting cables of the ozone module. Dry it with cloth 

and hair dryer. Otherwise, it may lead to damage of the equipment.

(3) Ozone module inner chamber, discharge tube cleaning/ replacement: accumulate small partialon the inner 

chamber and electrode from the gas source will lower the ozone production and concentration. Hence, they 

need to be cleaned regularly.