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Qlozone high quality home car mini portable air and water ozonator 3g dental ozone generator

Qlozone high quality home car mini portable air and water ozonator 3g dental ozone generator
1.Mobile portable design
2.The fuselage is made of stainless steel,anti-corrosion and anti oxidation
3.Space disinfection,Sterilization of drinking water,sterilization of articles,ect
4.The tube has high conversion efficiency,low energy consumption,continuous work and long service life
5.Clean dry air feeding,CE certificate
  • QLA-5G-P
  • Qlozone

Qlozone high quality home car mini portable air and water ozonator 3g dental ozone generator

Portable Household Ozone Generator in Apartment

Urbanization has brought rapid population movements, and many workers have chosen to rent apartments as their residence. A good apartment environment will undoubtedly make people feel relaxed and happy. As far as the exterior is concerned, it is the apartment manager's need to work hard, and the internal environment of the apartment that he rents must be maintained by himself.

Neat and clean apartment needs clean air

Normal cleaning can only maintain visual cleanliness, but some invisible things may still threaten our health. Those microbes floating in the air, such as bacteria and viruses, are likely to enter the human body when we breathe, causing diseases. Purifying the air with an ozone machine can effectively kill these harmful microorganisms. Regular air purification also helps reduce the number of mites and maintains the health of human skin.

Clean apartment smell should be good

Although the adaptability of the human body will make people slowly adapt in a mild odor environment, it may be unbearable for visitors, especially the odor of smoke impregnated throughout the year. In addition, after the rainy season or flood immersion, the crazy breeding of mold will also emit odor. Ozone can effectively break down these odor molecules, and also provide you with a fresh and natural apartment air environment. Due to the rapid growth of mold, the process is slightly more cumbersome. For the treatment of mold, you can refer to our article.

Cautions for use

It is only necessary to ensure that the room is closed and no one or animals are in use. After all, the ozone concentration that can kill bacteria will damage the animal's respiratory tract. Plants can also be removed from the room if necessary to prevent ozone from harming them.


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  • Small cuboid design, stable to take and transport

  • High quality stainless steel fugure,durable and protect inside

  • Adapted longevity ceramic tube, long service life

  • Lighat weight, portable to be taken

  • Easy to operate, save time and worry

  • Low energy comsuption, environmenal friendly

  • Current displayable, the result is more intuitive

  • 120 min timer, free from repeating settings

  • Chinese/European/US plug support, adapt to different needs


Rated power
Apply to space
Ozone density
15-25 mg/L
15-25 mg/L
Equipment size
23*18*46.5 cm
23*18*46.5 cm
Packing size
32*25*51 cm
32*25*51 cm
Cooling way
Air cooling
Air cooling
Power supply/voltage
Applicable air
Air source
Air source