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Qlozone Portable Commercial Pure Water Treatment Ozone Generator Water Purifier for Water Tank

This is the QLA-3G/5G portable ozone generator.
It can disinfect and deodorize the home air environment and the interior of the car, and has the advantages of rapid disinfection, no dead ends, high efficiency, and low cost.
  1. Multi-functional, can be used for both air and water treatment 
  2. Corona discharge technology 
  3. 2 hours manual timer or continuous running 
  4. Light weight compact design 
  5. High ozone output , long service life time 
  6. Easy to operate , portable design
  • QLA-3G-W

Commercial Car Ozone Generator for Virus Disinfection

While transportation brings huge convenience to human travel, it also potentially provides a hotbed for disease transmission. When the disease is epidemic, timely disinfection of transportation will greatly reduce the possibility of disease transmission. Private cars, buses, trucks, trucks, taxis, etc. should be disinfected.

Where is the virus

Although the virus is ubiquitous in human life, for vehicles that need to be disinfected, the vehicle's air conditioning system and the seat's steering wheel armrests are all places where the virus is more likely to hide.

If the air-conditioning system of a vehicle is not cleaned regularly, it is very easy to accumulate dust bacteria and viruses. With the use of air conditioning systems, these bacterial viruses will be brought into the car, threatening the health of drivers and passengers. For blocking some air or droplet-borne diseases, disinfection of the vehicle air conditioning system is very important.

The surface of the vehicle's interior is where another bacterial virus attaches heavily. They will be brought to the surface of the passenger's clothing or skin as the passenger touches the surface of the interior of the vehicle, and may enter the human body through touching face due to the negligence of some passengers.

Can ozone generator kill the virus

This car use ozone generator can certainly kill the virus. The ozone produced by the ozone generator is highly oxidizing. At a micro level, it can react with the surface of the virus, destroy the structure of the virus, and kill the virus. When using the ozone generator, you should also pay attention to the correct method of use, and use it in accordance with specifications, so as not to cause damage to users during use. You can refer to this article to learn more about the principles and beginnings of ozone disinfection.

How to use ozone generator in car

First we must ensure that the space is sealed. The windows and skylights are all closed. The working environment of this commercial ozone generator is in a closed environment. Purify the environment. If the space is not closed, it will definitely have a great impact on the use effect, and the purification time will be extended.


  • Multi-functional, can be used for both air and water treatment 

  • Corona discharge technology 

  • 2 hours manual timer or continuous running 

  • Light weight compact design 

  • High ozone output , long service life time 

  • Easy to operate , portable design


Model QLA-3G-W
NW/GW 3.3/3.8 kg
Dimension 33*16*21 cm
Ozone output 3g/h
Power 60 W
Purify area 30-70 ㎡
Ozone concentration 15-25 mg/L
Colling way Air cooling
Voltage 220-240V/50-60Hz


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