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Qlozone 110v 220v portable mini ozone generator water treatment air purifier ozonator air and water

Multi-functional, can be used for both air and water treatment Corona discharge technology 2 hours manual timer and continuously running Light weight compact design High ozone output, long service lifetime Easy to operate,portable design
  1. Multi-functional,can be used for both air and water

  2. Corona discharge technology

  3. 2 hours manual timer or continuous running

  4. Light weight compact design

  5. High ozone output,long service life time

  6. ​Easy to operate,portable design

Ozone output:
  • QLA-3/5G

This is a 3g/5g quartz tube ozone generator, which can be used in water treatment and air disinfection

The body of the ozone generator is made of stainless steel, which is convenient for one-key sterilization and 


Equipped with a two-hour timer to facilitate regular disinfection by customers .

  1. Multi-functional,can be used for both air and water

  2. Corona discharge technology

  3. 2 hours manual timer or continuous running

  4. Light weight compact design

  5. High ozone output,long service life time

  6. Easy to operate,portable design

The top of the ozone generator is equipped with a handle, a rubber base, the working principle of a micro-

gap discharge unit, a ball-bearing cooling fan, a high degree of ozone, rapid sterilization and air purification.

More details please check the website link below:

Rated power
Ozone density
15-25 mg/L
15-25 mg/L
Equipment size
38*16*21 cm
38*16*21 cm
Packing size
38*24*22 cm
38*24*22 cm
Cooling way
Air cooling
Air cooling
Power supply/voltage
Applicable air
Air source
Air source



Modle  QLA-3G-W QLA-5G-W
Voltage 220-240V/50-60HZ 220-240V/50-60HZ
Power 60W 80W
Ozone Output 3G/H 5G/H
Power 120 Minutes or continuously 120 Minutes or continuously
Dimension 33*16*21cm 33*16*21cm
Net Weight 3.2kg 3.8kg

From the details of 3g/5g ozone generator ozone machine,on the blue sticker, we can see the handle on the 

top and easy to carry with it. 3 indicator lights, a 2 hours timer and ozone out put. On the back 

of 3g/5g  ozone machine with a cooling fan, power switch and cable connection.

Easy design and operation

1.Connect cable connection first

2.Turn on the power switch, the power light will be on

3.Adjust the working time on the timer, Ozonier and Air pump light will be on, then ozone will be out 

from the ozone output.



Clean and disinfect the car interior and interior space.

Purify and deodorize the home environment. It has the advantages of rapid disinfection, high efficiency and 

low cost Can kill and disinfect peculiar smell, smoke smell, sweat, fiber, plankton mold, virus, plankton 

bacteria, mites, pollen, dust, dander, benzene, toluene, xylene, volatile organic compounds (TVOC), 

formaldehyde, automobile exhaust emissions gas.f7bdf5040f10bd1efc109e35bcf3d0b

Warranty Terms:

Our company after sale service commitment:

 All products (not including consumable material, accessories and the L series products) from our are warranted for one year and lifetime maintenance from the date of purchasing.

2  The following occasions are excluded from the warranty, and we may charge for the repairing materials.

3  Damage due to natural disaster or other major reasons;

 Product damage by human during transportation;

 Product damages due to unauthorized operation unless instructed by us or we authorized distributor;

6  Product damages due to high humidity working environment or flooded by water;

 Fail to provide proof of purchase or warranty card.

8  If on-site service is required, customer will be required to pay for the cost of traveling, and we or distributor can 

decide to come or not according to the distance.

9  In the case of sterilization standard is not met due to improper operation or malfunction of the product, our 

company does not take any responsibility.



(1) Fan filtering net cleaning/replacement: the dust net needs regular cleaning due to accumulate dust from the air 

(refer to the maintenance cycle table below). Turn off the power before cleaning,and take off the cover of the fan. 

Then take out the stainless steel fan filtering net, clean it with clean water, and do not re-assemble it until it is dry.

(2) High voltage parts water removal: during humid season, there is moisture on connecting cable of the 

transformer (the high voltage unit), transformer, and the connecting cables of the ozone module.Dry it with cloth 

and hair dryer. Otherwise, it may lead to damage of the equipment.

(3) Ozone module inner chamber, discharge tube cleaning/ replacement: accumulate small partialon the inner 

chamber and electrode from the gas source will lower the ozone production and concentration. Hence, they need 

to be cleaned regularly.