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Portable Liquid Household Ozone Generator for Freshwater

Warranty: 1 year
Place of origin: Guangdong, China
After sale service: Online support
This vertical portable ozone generator is designed for household rooms disinfection through producing and releasing ozone into the air. It can remove odors, kill bugs, mold, bacteria and virus.
  • QLA-5G-P

Portable Liquid Household Ozone Generator for Freshwater

The development of human society inevitably affects natural resources. As one of the cornerstones of human existence, water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. While saving water, we must also prevent water pollution. This ozone generator can help families solve the problem of mild drinking water pollution that may arise in life.

Water supply tank

Whether it is a water tank in a community or a private house, as a part of the supply of drinking water, it needs to be cleaned from time to time to avoid water pollution. Usually it needs to remove bacteria or breeding algae. In this case, this ozone generator can help solve the problem. When ozone is dissolved in water, it can kill bacteria or algae in the water. Using ozone water to clean the inner surface of the tank is also a good choice.

Water from the tap

Water from taps is not directly drinkable in many developing countries. Drinking raw water directly will slowly harm human health. One of the most harmful to humans is chlorine. The use of chlorine in water treatment is inevitable. Therefore, people usually treat it and remove it before drinking. Common methods are boiling and installing water purification equipment. This ozone device can not only decompose the chlorine remaining in the tap water, but also kill the bacteria and viruses that may be mixed in it.

Other applications

In some cases, there are also households using ozone equipment for self-purifying water treatment, and when the water flow is not large, this ozone machine can also be used when decolorizing and deodorizing water.


Save water, use water safely. Contact us for better water use.


  • Small cuboid design, stable to take and transport

  • High quality stainless steel fugure,durable and protect inside

  • Adapted longevity ceramic tube, long service life

  • Lighat weight, portable to be taken

  • Easy to operate, save time and worry

  • Low energy comsuption, environmenal friendly

  • Current displayable, the result is more intuitive

  • 120 min timer, free from repeating settings

  • Chinese/European/US plug support, adapt to different needs


Model QLA-5G-P
NW/GW 4.5/5.3 kg
Dimension 23*18*46.5 cm
Ozone output 5 g/h
Power 80 W
Purify area 30-70 ㎡
Ozone concentration 15-25 mg/L
Cooling way Air cooling
Voltage 220-240 V/50-60 Hz

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