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Qlozone livestock farm ozone disinfection machine pipeline type commercial kitchen ozone generator
1.Intelligent remote control,2-24Hr intelligent timing
2.Easy installatiion and maintenance,simple operation and cost saving
3.Adopting air cooling technology,it can work continuously for a long time
4.The ozone delivery distance is far away,the distribution is uniform,and the sterilization efficiency is high
5.The external case is made of stainless steel,corrosion resistant and cost saving
Qlozone portable ozone machine kitchen air water purifier ozone generator for water treatment
1.Multi-functional,can be used for both air and water treatment
2.Corona discharge technology
3.2 hours manual timer or continuous running
4.Ligh weight compact design
5.High ozone output,long service life time
6.Easy to operate,portable design
Qlozone high performance ozone generator power quartz tube 50g ozone generator spare parts
Model QLA-3G QLA-5G
Output 3G 5G
Rated power 60W 80W
Apply to space 20-50m² 30-70m²
Ozone density 15-25 mg/L 15-25 mg/L
Equipment size 23*18*46.5 cm 23*18*46.5 cm
Packing size 32*25*51 cm 32*25*51 cm
N/G 4.5kg 5.3kg 4.5kg 5.3kg
Cooling way Air cooling Air cooling
Power supply/voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Applicable air Air source Air source
Qlozone 110v 220v 10g adjustable ozone tube 3g 5g corona discharge ozone generator quartz glass tube
Output 3G/H 3G/H
Qlozone aquatic plant disinfection ozone water machine for washing plant breeding oxygen source concentrator ozone generator

1.Movable, easy to operate, just connect water intet High pressure, reducing labor costs

2.Safe and hygienic, no secondary pollution, no chemical disinfectants

3.Integrate ozone generators, oxygen concentrator, gas liquid mixing pump

4.Back water protection

5.Ozone water can provide a clean environment and kill bacteria

Qlozone UV Ozone Disinfection Sterilization Cabinet For Archive Office Bank Using
Ultraviolet ozone disinfection cabinet sterilization refers to the double sterilization of ultraviolet rays through wavelength sterilization and the strong oxidizing nature of the ozone generated by the internal tube generator. Ultraviolet sterilization is in the ultraviolet UV-C band: the strongest sterilizing power in the range of 250-270nm.
This nano titanium diffuser is designed for gas and liquid mixing which can increase the solubility of gases in liquids.
Titanium Disc Diffusers applied oversea technology,puretitanium powder(>=99.6899%)as main raw material,sintering under high temperature & high vacuum condition.It has equality structure,high porosity,low aerationresistance,big air-liquid contact area,spread evenly for bubble,without perforation blocked,lower gas consumption than conventional diffusers,higher efficiency for water treatment.Titanium diffuser come with feature such as:high corrosion resistance,anti-oxidation,anti-high PH,long life time even longer as 10 years etc.
Qlozone imported ozone sensor handheld meter dissolved ozone analyzer ozone tester in water
No more materia;low maintenance;Measured value is not affected by low temperature and turbidity
Can replace CS6930 dissolved ozone electrode;Precision stability;Easy cleaning andmaintenance
MHX4 component structure design,strong waterproof,grip comfort
Maintenance is sample,without any tools can easily replace the battery and the electrode
Boat fuselage design,make sure that floating up,the screen electrode contact water completely

Ozone generator can be applied from household to commercial and industrial use.

Household ozone generator can be used for maintaining the health of home. The main function of the home use ozone generator is to remove pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. Besides, it can produce ozone water, which can kill bacteria, virus and mold in surface of item. Ozone generator for home use can also remove odors from mold or smoke.

Commercial grade ozone generator is mainly used for air and water treatment. Ozone gas can remove odor and grease in kitchen. Dissolved ozone can decolorize, deodorize and sterilize. Ozone generator for commercial use can sterilize swimming pool water, paint factory water, treat denim decolorization and wastewater treatment.

Qlozone specializes in the development and manufacturing of ozone equipment. Qili's main products include ozone generators, oxygen generators, mixing equipment, aquaculture equipment, water quality monitoring equipment, etc. Qili's environmentally friendly ozone machine can be used for air purification and water treatment in many industries. The oxygen generator is mainly used to prepare ozone and increase oxygen in aquaculture. Mixing equipment is used to improve the mixing efficiency of ozone and water, including aeration plates, mixing pumps, jets, etc. Aquaculture equipment includes microfilters, various filters, PP fish tanks, temperature control equipment, etc. Monitoring equipment includes water quality monitoring equipment, which can detect ammonia nitrogen and residual chlorine.