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Online Ozone Analyzer

Online Dissolved Ozone Monitoring
Output range:
  • QL-O3-2059

Online ozone analyzer

This equipment is a microcomputer type online ozone measuring instrument for water. It uses an advanced

non-membrane constant voltage sensor that eliminates the need to change diaphragms and medicaments. It

has high sensitivity, fast signal response, accurate measurement, stable performance and easy maintenance


The water ozone measurement and control system has the characteristics of convenient use, high accuracy and 

economy. The use of this series of advanced analytical techniques ensures the long-term reliability and 

reliability of the instrument. 

It has Chinese menu operation, 485 communication and other functions. It can be used for drinking water 

treatment plants, canning plants, drinking water distribution networks, swimming pools, cooling circulating 

water, water treatment projects, etc., to continuously monitor and control the ozone content in aqueous 


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Model QL-O3-2059
Measuring range 0-20.00 mg/L(ppm),0~60℃
Resolution 0.01mg/L, 0.1℃
Precision ≥±1% / ±0.01 mg/L, ±0.5℃
Rated Voltage 220V AC, 10%, 50/60Hz


1. Large screen dot matrix LCD display, Chinese menu operation.

Multi-parameter display simultaneously: ozone value, temperature, output current, etc. are displayed at the same time, which is intuitive and easy to read, and has a range over-limit prompt. 

2. Restore factory settings. 

3. Manual/automatic temperature compensation function. 

4. Communication function (optional): It has RS-485 communication interface (partially compatible with MODBUS protocol), and the ozone value corresponding to 4~20 mA current output can be set arbitrarily.

5. Optical isolation 4-20mA current output.

6. The hysteresis can be set arbitrarily to avoid frequent switching of the switching relay, and there are setting switch off and closing functions.

7. Watchdog function: ensure that the meter will not crash.

8. The core devices are from famous foreign brands.

9. Power failure protection > 10 years.



1. Industrial indoor aquaculture farms, especially high-density aquaculture farms.2. Aquaculture nursery field, ornamental fish culture ground;    

3. Raw water treatment in the pharmaceutical and food industries;

4. Seafood holding and transportation;

5. Water treatment of marine museum projects, seafood fish pond projects



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