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Large Industrial Ozone Generator for Wastewater

The ozone generator can be used for air purification, wastewater decolorization, clothing bleaching, surface disinfection, etc.

  • QLO-300/400/500/600/800/1000G

Large Industrial Ozone Generator for Wastewater

large ozone generator

If the wastewater generated by industries is not properly treated, it will cause great harm to the environment and also threaten the health of the us.

Due to the comples component in wastewater, it is necessary to process multiple processes in the wastewater treatment process, using different processes.

Ozone is more suitable for use in the end of the wastewater treatment process chain due to its own characteristics. It decolorizes and deodorizes water bodies with low impurities and disinfects them.

This ozone machine has high ozone concentration and large ozone output, which can be applied to a large amount of wastewater in the aquaculture industry.


  • Split design, better cooling

  • High quality stainless steel figure, durable and protect inside

  • Adapted corona discharge technology, long service life

  • Low energy comsuption, environmentally friendly

  • Double light indicator, easy to check fault

  • External oxygen generator unit, high ozone concentration

  • Timer function, free from repeat settings

  • Chinese/European/US plug support, adapt to different needs

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