Is ozone a good disinfectant

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Ozone gas has gradually come into people's sight as an efficient and broad-spectrum disinfectant. This article will give an introduction to ozone and give you a better understanding of some things about using ozone as a disinfectant.

Introduction of ozone

As early as 1785, there were records of the discovery of ozone. However, it was not until 1839 that ozone was officially identified and recorded. Later, with the deepening of the research on ozone, people began to recognize and use all aspects of ozone.

At first ozone was considered a healthy ingredient in the environment because trace amounts of ozone give a "fresh" sensation on the sense of smell. Based on the nature of ozone, ozone has been experimentally used to disinfect wounds during World War I and is considered effective. Subsequently, ozone was gradually promoted in medicine. Ozone is also gradually being used in other industries.

Ozone characteristics

Ozone is chemically active and unstable due to its physical structure, and it easily reacts with other substances in the air. This is a reflection of the strong oxidizing properties of ozone. Simply put, it can biochemically react with many organics. These include the structure of bacteria and viruses. Ozone can react with substances on the bacterial cell membrane, change the permeability of the bacterial cell membrane, and cause the bacterial cell mass to dissolve and die. Ozone also breaks DNA and RNA, killing the virus.

Applicability of ozone

Ozone gas is highly diffusive. Due to its lively chemical properties, it can easily interact with and kill bacteria and viruses floating in the air. That said, ozone is very powerful as a gaseous disinfectant. Ozone gas is very suitable for air disinfection. This is difficult to do with some spray disinfectants. UV air disinfection is not as effective as ozone. Because the intensity of UV will attenuate with distance, the air far from the light source will have a poor disinfection effect. But the disadvantage is that the permeability of ozone gas is not very good, it is difficult to penetrate the fabric, and can only kill the bacteria and viruses on the surface of the clothes. Therefore, disinfection of clothes needs to be carried out by other means.

The dangers of ozone

Ozone is beneficial to human health in trace amounts. However, with the increase of ozone concentration, the strong oxidizing power of ozone gradually becomes apparent. At higher concentrations, ozone can damage the human respiratory tract, and severe cases can cause pulmonary edema and even death. High concentrations of ozone are not only harmful to the human body, they are also harmful to animal lung tissues and even plants. Therefore, when using ozone for air disinfection, the environment must not be occupied by people or animals or plants. Ozone is chemically active and can react with itself to produce oxygen. Therefore, after waiting for a short time after the disinfection is completed, the ozone can be removed by itself without causing harm.


Overall, ozone gas is very effective and powerful as an air disinfectant. Although the use of ozone is dangerous, it can be completely avoided under normal operation. As long as it is not illegal, disinfection with ozone is very safe.

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