Is an ozone air tester accurate?

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Everyone knows that an ozone air tester is a device that converts information such as the composition and concentration of ozone gas into information that can be used by people, instruments, and computers. Normally, as long as the results of ozone air tester purchased through regular channels are accurate, there is no need to worry about this. So, how to judge that the measurement result of the purchased ozone air tester is accurate, and how to maintain the accuracy of the ozone air tester?


  • Index to check whether the ozone air tester is accurate

  • The importance of maintaining ozone air tester

  • Regular calibration-to ensure the accuracy of testing


Index to check whether the ozone air tester is accurate

Sensitivity refers to the ratio of the sensor output change to the measured input change, which mainly depends on the technology used in the sensor structure. Most gas sensors are designed using biochemistry, electrochemistry, physics, and optics. The first thing to consider is to choose a sensitive technology that has sufficient sensitivity to detect the percentage of the target gas's valve limit or minimum explosion limit.

Selectivity is also called cross sensitivity. It can be determined by measuring the sensor response caused by a certain concentration of interfering gas. This response is equivalent to the sensor response generated by a certain concentration of ozone. This characteristic is very important in the application of tracking multiple gases, because the cross sensitivity will reduce the repeatability and reliability of the measurement, and the ideal sensor should have high sensitivity and high selectivity.


The importance of maintaining ozone air tester

When you buy an ozone air tester, the merchant will basically tell you how to adjust the gas detector, and also remind you that the gas detector needs to be calibrated regularly, but many people will not understand it in particular. It has been adjusted at the time of purchase. Why does the instrument still need to be calibrated?

In order to ensure that the error of the test results of the instrument does not exceed the normal range, frequent calibration is also necessary. Just like our watches, we will often calibrate with standard time to ensure the accuracy of the time displayed by the watch. For gas detectors whose test results are designed to the safety of human life, accuracy is even more important.


Regular calibration-to ensure the accuracy of testing

1. The accuracy of the instrument is an important prerequisite for issuing an alarm when the concentration of toxic and harmful gases or combustible gases in the monitoring environment reaches the preset alarm limit, and accurate and timely alarm is a guarantee to ensure the safety of personnel and production safety.

2. The accuracy of the ozone air tester mainly depends on the sensor. The electrochemical sensor and catalytic combustion sensor will gradually change or even fail due to the influence of certain substances in the environment during use. Therefore, regular calibration of the gas detector is absolutely necessary.

3. At present, all gas detectors have not got rid of the relative measurement method. Because of this, timely maintenance and calibration are required together. Only after correct calibration required by the manufacturer can the accuracy of the results detected by the instrument be obtained. Guarantee.


Regardless of whether the instrument is used, or whether the instrument is good or not, it is best to calibrate the instrument regularly to achieve the smallest error and the highest accuracy of the instrument's test results. Therefore, it is recommended that during the process of using the ozone air tester, calibration should be performed regularly to ensure its accuracy and play a real protective role.