How to ozonate water

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What is ozone water

Ozone gas is a strong oxidizing disinfectant, just like other common gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, it can be partially dissolved in water. The solution obtained when ozone gas is dissolved in water is ozone water.


The oxidizing ability of ozone water is higher than that of gas ozone, so the disinfection ability of ozone water is also high. It can be used to clean items and sterilize items in the home, or spray as disinfectant. Industrially used for sewage and wastewater treatment and some clothes decolorization treatment.


How to ozonize water

The so-called ozonization of water is essentially the process of dissolving ozone gas into water to obtain ozone water. The solubility of ozone in water is limited. At the same time, due to its physical and chemical properties, ozone will slowly decompose into oxygen. Compared with ozone gas, ozone water has stronger oxidizing property, can disinfect and sterilize the surface of objects more efficiently, and can also be input into other water bodies to disinfect other water bodies.


The concentration of ozone in ozone water will affect the disinfection of ozone water, and it is necessary to increase the dissolution rate of ozone in water as much as possible. Among many methods, the use of a mixing device is a relatively economical method to increase the ozone dissolution rate. Common mixing devices include aeration plates, static mixers, venturi injectors and mixing pumps. The mixing efficiency of the mixing pump is the highest, but the price is also the highest. The jet is generally used with a static mixer to improve the overall mixing efficiency. The aeration tray is only suitable for pools or water tanks.


Use ozone water

At home, ozone water can be used for sterilizing and disinfecting. By using ozone water to clean clothing or scrub the surface of items, it can kill bacteria and viruses and block the spread of disease.


On the other hand, household ozone machines are more used for cleaning fruits and vegetables to eliminate pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables and reduce the accumulation of toxic substances in the human body.

The application of ozone water in industry is more abundant, but the main treatment object is other water bodies. Ozone water is mostly used for decolorization and deodorization of organic pollutants, and can also be used for sterilization and disinfection. Compared with inorganic wastewater, ozone is more suitable for the treatment of organic wastewater. Swimming pool water, paint factory wastewater, breeding farm wastewater, printing and dyeing factory wastewater and other wastewater containing more organic materials are more suitable for ozone treatment of odor and color. Because ozone water can be used for decolorization of waste water, it is entirely possible to use ozone water for decolorization of denim.


What happens when I freeze ozone water? The answer is of course that it will freeze. Literally, ozone ice is the freezing of ozone water into ice. Unlike ozone water, the rate of ozone decomposition contained in ozone ice is greatly reduced. Ozone ice is often used to keep fish or food fresh when shipping.

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