How to maintain the quartz tube ozone generator?

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As quartz tube ozone generator is a very professional equipment, foreign countries usually adopt the way of regular maintenance by the supplier. However, due to the high cost, this kind of paid long-term maintenance is rarely used in China. Therefore, in the usual use of the process, regular small maintenance, small maintenance can extend the life of the equipment effectively, which is very important.


  • Maintenance method of quartz tube ozone generator

  • Precautions for storing quartz tube ozone generator

  • quartz tube ozone generator cleaning

  • Precautions for the use of quartz tube ozone generator


Maintenance method of quartz tube ozone generator

1. Regularly check whether the pressure and flow value of each node of the system are within the allowed range by operating the display screen of the control cabinet. Find out the cause of any abnormality and deal with it in time.

2. Regularly release water from air compressor and pressure tank. Keep the intake air dry.

3. Monitor whether the ozone contact pool is under negative pressure. It is strictly prohibited to pour water.

4. Regularly check whether the heating system of the exhaust gas destruction device is normal

5. Clean the equipment in time and clean or replace the air filter cotton in time.

6. Regularly check the accuracy of monitoring instruments and replace relevant components in time.


Precautions for storing quartz tube ozone generator

When the ozone generator is temporarily not installed, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.  Ensure that the water inlet and outlet and air inlet and outlet are closed to prevent dust and moisture from entering the ozone and eroding the ozone generator.  When the ozone generator is deactivated after installation, pay attention to keep the inlet and outlet water and inlet and outlet valves closed, drain the cooling water inside the ozone and cut off the power.


Precautions for the use of quartz tube ozone generator

Ozone generator installation personnel must go through technical training to start up and repair; It is strictly forbidden for workers to go to work and work in a high-concentration ozone environment; Remember to handle the power off and exhaust ozone during equipment maintenance or repair. Good to ensure the safe maintenance of personnel; If there is any abnormality, please immediately cut off the power or notify professional personnel to carry out maintenance. It is forbidden to install in the dangerous area where ammonia gas is easy to leak or there is a danger of explosion;


Quartz tube ozone generator cleaning

When processing and installing pipelines, it must be ensured that there is a clean pipeline system that is not contaminated by oil, grease, dust particles, etc. The processed pipe fittings must be plugged at both ends and then stored in a dry and clean place; the installed pipes must also be protected at their open ends to prevent dirt and debris from entering. Valves and meters are installed immediately after opening the package, which is particularly important for precision equipment that has been cleaned. The suction inlet and ventilation inlet and outlet of the pipeline shall have appropriate protection facilities to prevent the intrusion of rainwater, dirt or birds and insects. The general approach is to add a windshield and a wire mesh made of materials suitable for piping. The pipeline must be welded by inert welding. The gap of the V-shaped weld must be properly welded, and there must be a smooth surface on the root area of the weld. All welds shall be subjected to non-destructive testing, and the quality of welds shall comply with relevant standards.


Finally, it should be noted that when the quartz tube ozone generator is abnormal, please check the cause of the failure in a timely manner. If it is confirmed that the failure occurs inside the ozone generator, such as power supply, transformer, and discharge unit, it is not recommended that the user repair these failure points by themselves. Notify professional maintenance personnel to proceed.  If it is because of problems with circulating water or gas rest piping, the ozone generator will also stop working by itself, and the user can deal with these failures by himself.

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