How to install quartz tube ozone generator?

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Installation is a key step for the proper and reasonable use of quartz tube ozone generators. Choosing a reasonable installation location, a suitable gas source, and the correct power supply are very important for the long-term and stable work of the ozone generator.


The main points are as follows:

  • Check the packaging

  • Installation method of a quartz tube ozone generator

  • Precautions for installation of a quartz tube ozone generator


Check the packaging

The product has been properly packed in the factory and has been transport insurance. The user should check the packaging of the goods for damage and signs of possible damage to the product. If abnormal phenomena are found, please do not open the box, that is, with the transportation company and related insurance Unit contact. (Note: Please do not throw away the packaging, so that it can be shipped in the original box when necessary)


Installation method of a quartz tube ozone generator

1. Place the ozone generator horizontally on the ground. If the ozone generator you buy is water cooling type, you must connect the water circuit before running the machine. You can install the water circuit according to the schematic diagram of the ozone generator process flow, the electrical control principle diagram of the ozone generator (including wiring diagram), and the grounding of the ozone generator.

2. During installation, ensure that the contact oxidation tank has no pressure or is below the level of the quartz tube ozone generator, and it is strictly waterproof to flow into the discharge unit of the ozone generator body. If this condition is not met, corresponding measures must be taken to prevent water backflow. Pipeline installation must be carried out in accordance with pipeline drawings. Pipes and valves must be fixed with appropriate supports, the number of supports is sufficient, and the strength must be sufficient.

3. Since both oxygen and ozone-containing oxygen can cause fire and life hazards, all gas pipelines are required to undergo a pressure seal test. After the ozone oxidation aeration system, attention should be paid to the installation level of the ozone aeration head and the cleanliness of the aeration pipe installation. The tightening of the aeration head uses a fixed torque wrench. It is recommended to install a gas filter on the intake end of the discharge tank of the ozone generator, which is very important to protect the discharge tube. There must be strict grounding measures, the grounding resistance is not less than 1 ohm.

4. Hang the operating rules and safety warning signs in a conspicuous position.


Precautions for installation of a quartz tube ozone generator

1. The casing of the ozone generator must be effectively grounded, and the resistance should be less than 4Ω.

2. There should be a gap around the discharge chamber of the ozone generator to facilitate the replacement and maintenance of the discharge tube.

3. When using air as the air source, the equipment should be installed in a relatively clean environment (ambient temperature is above 0 ℃, below 45 ℃, relative humidity is below 80% RH), to avoid installing in an environment with severe air pollution.

4. Ozone generating system should avoid direct sunlight and rain.


According to the report of the International Health Organization, high concentrations of ozone in the air will cause personal injury. Oxygen is a very active combustion aid. You must be very careful when using it. Keep away from fire and all flammable materials. During the installation of the quartz tube ozone generator, pay attention to personal safety. Ozone is a strong oxidant. High concentration of ozone will cause damage to general rubber, fibers, etc., and has an odor. If you smell a strong odor during use, please check the ozone output connection pipe for leaks. There is high-voltage electricity inside the ozone generator. Please do not open the case cover at will. Only senior electrical maintenance personnel can touch it, and you must unplug the power plug first.