How to Choose Ozone Generators for Air Purification

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how to choose ozone generator for air purification

How to choose the suitable ozone generator to suit your demand? Brand? Price? Quality? Different buyers have different answers. Today we will give you a reference for choosing ozone generators.


As we all known that quality is the most important factor because we want the product works well. But how can we judge its performance? Here are the points you should take a consideration.

1.Ozone amount

Ozone can show its ability to kill bacteria when its concentration arrived at a certain level. You should notice the ozone amount. Usually 1 g ozone can sterilize about 10 cubic meters. However, when we talked to the specific situation, it will be complex.For example, if a customer wants to purify his or her workshop, we will consider whether the workshop is sealed, what kind of purification level the workshop should be and etc. Sounds a bit hard to understand? Don’t worry, we are the professional team who can help you out.

2.Ozone equality

Actually, you don’t need to consider this factor. As ozone is a kind of gas, it can spread out quickly to everywhere. However, when we relate to some places where need strict standard of ozone density such as food factory, we must take a consideration. Although ozone can diffuse fast, its concentration will decline with its spreading. Then it may not reach the level to kill out bacteria in the corners of a big workshop. Our wall-mounted ozone machine can work like air conditioner, it will blow the ozone to work shop easily covering the whole room. If there is a HVAC, we can blow ozone into the system for sterilizing through our QLC series.


We don’t want to see that the machine breaks down after it worked well a several days. That’s why we need to care about the persistence. Our products adapt the corona discharge technology, with air cooling and water cooling, they can work over 10,000 hours.


Making money is not very easy. But it will be worthy to spend money to make more money. The price we offer is absolutely reasonable, neither the old nor the young will be cheated. You can view our website to find your satisfied answer.


A good service will make you feel comfortable when you are discussing the details. And the attitude company will show after you bought their products is also important. Humans may get ill, machines may turn defective. A good service can help you solve problem quickly and easily. One of our quotes is Service First. We will try our best to help our customers.

Companies are everywhere, but a suitable company who can suit your demand is not easy to find. Luckily, We are by your side.

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