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High Output Industrial Domestic Sewage Treatment Ozone Generator

Warranty: 1 year
Place of origin: Guangdong, China
After sale service: Online support
Water cooling ozone generator has a better performance. It is widely used in domestic wastewater treatment.

  • QLA-100G

High Output Industrial Domestic Sewage Treatment Ozone Generator

What ozone can do in sewage treatment

Ozone can be used not only for drinking water and swimming pool water disinfection, but also for domestic sewage treatment. First, ozone can remove pollutants such as color, odor, smell, and phenol chloride in sewage, increase dissolved oxygen in water, and improve water quality. Secondly, ozone can decompose the organic matter and three substances which are difficult to be biodegraded, and improve the biodegradability of sewage. Ozone is easily decomposed in water and will not cause secondary pollution due to residues.

Selection of ozone generator and mixing equipment

Determine the amount of ozone added according to the quality of sewage water and treatment process, determine the amount of ozone used according to the amount of ozone added and the amount of sterilized water treated every hour, and select the number and model of ozone generator by the amount of ozone used per hour

Ozone mixing equipment has aeration plates, venturi, and mixing pumps. The more economical is the jet, and the best mixing efficiency is the mixing pump. Selection is based on water flow.

Treatment of residual ozone
Ozone is often not 100% absorbed and utilized by sewage in the sewage treatment process, so the remaining exhaust gas also contains a part of ozone. If it is directly discharged into the atmosphere, it will pollute the environment and endanger human health. Residual ozone can be used as much as possible, such as often introduced into raw sewage. For example, venturi, aeration discs. If it cannot be used, it must be dealt with.


  • Cubic design, stable and reliable

  • High quality stainless steel figure, durable and protect inside

  • Adapted corona discharge technology, long service life

  • Easy to operate, save time and worry

  • Low energy comsuption, environmentally friendly

  • Double light indicator, easy to check fault

  • Timer function, free from repeat settings

  • High conversion efficiency, low energy consumption

  • Ozone concentration regulation function, adapt to different working environments

  • Double cooling system, good performance

  • Continuous working, no overload

  • Chinese/European/US plug support, adapt to different needs


Ozone output100 g/h
Power1040 W
Purify area500-700 ㎡
Ozone densityDefault: 15-25 mg/L   /   External oxygen source: 60-120 mg/L
Dimension50*40*123 cm
NW/GW44/61 kg
Cooling wayWater cooling
Gas feeding
Air source(Optional oxygen source)

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