Food Processing

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Food Processing

In the field of food processing, in order to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to control the cleanliness of the processing environment. And if you want a clean processing environment, you have to kill bacteria, germs, molds, viruses and even flying insects in the environment. This page will tell you how ozone is used.


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Why is food corrupt

Using ozone generator in food processing

QLOZONE’s commercial ozone generators

Attention for using ozone generator



Why is food corrupt?

foodCorrupted food can smell bad and grow mold. From the perspective of the natural sciences, food corruption facilitates the circulation of matter in nature, and the organisms involved in this cycle are called decomposers, including many microorganisms and scavengers.


These decomposers use their own biochemical effects to feed the food a little bit, while releasing carbon dioxide, water, inorganic matter and some simple organic matter. These simple organisms may include toxins and certain irritating gases that cause malodors.


But for the ordinary people's daily life, food corruption is a big problem. In the food processing industry, it is important to avoid food contamination by these hardworking decomposers. Therefore, the food processing industry often disinfects processing equipment to ensure safety during food processing. And that is where ozone can work.


Using ozone in food processing.

food factoryOzone is highly oxidizing, which is harmful or even fatal to organisms. Ozone destroys the external structure of bacteria, mold, and viruses, thereby invading the interior for further damage. This kind of destruction is like arsonist arson. Microorganisms exposed to high concentrations of ozone can be killed quickly, leaving some residue.


You can find a lot of research on the sterilization test of ozone, including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio cholerae and so on. The killing rate of these bacteria is very high. After all, ozone has been discovered for more than 200 years. The application technology of ozone is very mature. Therefore, you can use ozone in food processing with confidence.


It’s very easy to use ozone in food processing. The area of the food processing plant and the requirements for air cleanliness are factors that affect the use of the ozone machine, but the overall process is unchanged.

1 When using food processing equipment, turn on the ozone generator in advance for 30 min-60 min. The boot time should be used in conjunction with the actual situation.

2 After the ozone equipment is used, it needs to wait for 40-50 min to let the ozone degrade naturally.

3 When the ozone generator is on, make sure that there are no people in the work area, or cats and dogs. Green plants are also best removed from this area.


QLOZONE’s commercial ozone generators

QLOZONE has different commercial ozone generators for different demands.


1 Duct-mounted commercial ozone generator

duct mounted ozoen generator

This ozone generator is suitable for factories with ventilation ducts. It can uniformly discharge ozone to multiple sub-workstations and can be externally installed for remote control.


2 Vertical ozone generator

vertical ozone generator

The vertical ozone generator features simple installation and is ready to use. Suitable for single small and medium workshops.


3 Wall-mounted ozone generator

wall mounted ozone generator

The wall-mounted ozone generator is not much different from the vertical one, but the wall-mounted ozone generator can save floor space and is also suitable for small and medium-sized workshops.



High concentration of ozone can be dangerous to people too. It may damage the respiratory tract and lungs, causing chest tightness and even coma.


Therefore, when opening the ozone machine, you must ensure that there are no people in the working area of the ozone machine.



Ozone is used primarily in the food industry for surface disinfection of food processing equipment. This can improve the product's pass rate and extend the shelf life of the food.


It is also very simple to use the ozone machine, but also pay attention to the operation specifications to avoid accidents.


If you have questions about our products or would like to ask for specific cases, please feel free to contact us.

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