Do commercial ozone generators work

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How does the ozone machine work? This article will introduce the working principle of the ozone machine and its application.


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How commercial ozone generators work?

What Commercial ozone generators can do?


How commercial ozone generators work?

To determine if a commercial ozone generator is useful, we must first understand its principles. According to the structure, the commercial ozone generator can be divided into an air source ozone generator and an oxygen source ozone generator.

The air source ozone generator sucks in air through a fan or an air pump, and after filtering and drying, it is sent to the ozone generating tube. In a high voltage environment inside the ozone generating tube, a chemical reaction occurs to form ozone. There is also a large amount of nitrogen in the air, and they may also participate in the reaction in the high voltage environment to form nitrogen oxides such as nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

The oxygen source ozone generator contains an internal oxygen concentrator. Its air pump or fan draws in air, filters it and sends it to the oxygen unit. In the oxygen unit, after the nitrogen in the air is adsorbed through the molecular sieve, the oxygen is discharged at a very high concentration. The production of oxygen equipment can be up to 90%. Subsequently, a high concentration of oxygen enters the ozone generating tube, and a chemical reaction occurs to form ozone. Compared with the air source ozone generator, due to the high oxygen concentration and low nitrogen content, the ozone produced by the oxygen source ozone generator has less impurities and higher ozone concentration.

What commercial ozone generators can do?

The strong oxidizing properties of ozone can be applied to food preservation, sewage treatment, sterilization, decolorization and deodorization. In these areas, the application of ozone is also relatively mature. As mentioned above, the two types of ozone generators that are set up can produce different maximum concentrations of ozone. The ozone is definitely sufficient for most small and medium-sized businesses. This is why the ozone machine is indeed useful.

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Although ozone generators can be classified according to their structure, their core is unchanged. Whether it is an air source ozone generator or an oxygen source ozone generator, when the maximum concentration of ozone produced reaches a certain requirement and can be adapted to industrial and commercial applications, it is collectively referred to as a commercial ozone generator.

The principle of the ozone generator is simple. First, it takes in air, after purification and filtration, it reacts in the ozone tube to generate ozone and then discharges.

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