Common Problems with Ozone

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common problems with ozone

Low concentrations of ozone can be sterilized. Generally, the ozone concentration in forest areas can reach 0.1ppm, but ozone exceeding the standard is an invisible killer!

▲ It strongly stimulates the respiratory tract, causing sore throat, chest tightness and cough, bronchitis and emphysema;

▲ Ozone can cause human neurotoxicity, dizziness, headache, decreased vision, and memory loss;

▲ Ozone can damage vitamin E in human skin, causing wrinkles and dark spots on human skin;

▲ Ozone can also destroy the body's immune function, induce lymphocyte chromosomal lesions, accelerate aging, and cause pregnant women to have deformed children;

▲ Ozone and organic waste gas generated by the toner of the copier are a strong carcinogen, which can cause various cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

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