Commercial grade ozone generator machines safety precautions

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Compared with ordinary ozone machines, commercial grade ozone generators have higher power and larger ozone output, and can more flexibly deal with different occasions. Whether it is wastewater treatment, air disinfection or item disinfection, it can play a great role. However, high-powered machines are inevitably dangerous.


Although there is an instruction manual for almost any machine, most people don't read it carefully. First, because this instruction manual also contains a lot of information that is not so important or even irrelevant, it is inevitable to waste time to carefully screen out important information. Second, sometimes people ignore the potential risks, and once they are mishandled, they can cause serious consequences.


Therefore, this article will summarize some of the more important points. When you use or purchase a commercial ozone machine, it is best to pay attention to these aspects.


I. Hazards of Ozone

Ozone is very oxidizing and can corrode some metals and organic materials. At the same time, when exposed to high concentrations of ozone, organisms will be damaged. Whether it is bacteria or viruses, plants or animals, they will be damaged to varying degrees. When a person is in it, excessively high concentrations of ozone can damage the person's respiratory tract, cause symptoms such as chest tightness, and even severe cases can cause coma and death.


ll. Ozone leak

Ozone leaks are mainly caused by leaks in the machine itself and leaks in the pipeline. As mentioned earlier, high concentrations of ozone can harm the human body and corrode metals. Therefore, when using an ozone machine, it is very important to avoid ozone leakage.


To avoid or reduce the ozone leakage of the machine itself, it is necessary first to select a suitable ozone machine. Different application scenarios and different disinfection requirements require different output of ozone generators. Too low an ozone output will not meet purification standards, while too high an output will increase the cost of use and make ozone self-decompose more slowly. Secondly, the integrity of the machine needs to be checked. If the ozone equipment is not stored properly during transportation, it may damage the internal devices. The machine needs to be inspected before it is officially used, and it can be started for a period of time to evaluate the performance of the machine.


For use, it is necessary to prevent the leakage of ozone in the pipeline. Because ozone has the ability to corrode metals and organic materials, pay attention to the corrosion of piping systems by ozone during long-term use, especially at pipeline connections. You can judge whether it is safe by periodically using ozone detection equipment to detect the ozone concentration in the air near the pipeline.


Understanding ozone hazards and guarding against ozone leaks require special attention when using ozone. Reasonable assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of ozone is necessary to understand before using ozone. Only by objectively identifying ozone can we make better use of ozone and seek benefits for ourselves.


In applications involving specific scenarios, customer needs and merchant suggestions should also be integrated. Feel free to contact us to find the most suitable ozone machine to solve your air or water treatment problems.

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