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Can ozone generator kill virus

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Can ozone generator kill virus

After years of scientific exploration and practice, there is no doubt that ozone can kill various bacterial viruses. This article will slowly introduce you to some knowledge and basis of ozone can kill the virus.


What is ozone

The well-known ozone layer over the earth, the main component of which is ozone. Ozone contains three oxygen atoms and has strong oxidizing properties. It can react with many organic or inorganic substances. At first people only preserved food through ozone. With the development of science and technology, ozone has begun to be used in other industries such as medical treatment.


The structure of virus

Viruses exist widely in nature, and many viruses can threaten human health and even life. Viruses consist mainly of a protein shell and genetic material (single nucleic acid). The protein shell of the virus is used to protect internal genetic material. A single virus contains only a single type of nucleic acid and can be distinguished into single-stranded RNA viruses and double-stranded DNA viruses. There are also pseudovirals and viroids with only a simple ssRNA strand in nature. The proteins and nucleic acids that make up the structure of the virus mainly contain elements such as phosphorus hydroxide.


How ozone kills virus

As mentioned above, viruses are mainly composed of proteins and nucleic acids, and are mainly elements such as hydrocarbons. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties and oxidizes with organics. Therefore, when the virus encounters ozone, ozone will oxidize and destroy the protein shell and envelope structure of the virus (some viruses contain envelope structures such as HIV, coronavirus), eventually damage the nucleic acids inside them, kill the virus proteins and the oxidation of nucleic acids The final main products of the reaction are water and carbon dioxide. This is the theoretical basis that ozone can kill viruses, and many studies have confirmed that ozone can kill bacteria and viruses.


How ozone generator works

Ozone generators can produce ozone. Whether it is for home or business, it converts the oxygen in the air into ozone through the method of local high voltage discharge and discharges the ozone out of the machine. Ozone diffuses into the air and kills bacterial viruses that float in the air. Bacteria and viruses attached to the surface of objects can also be eliminated by ozone. The use of ozone to disinfect the surface of objects and the indoor environment can ensure a healthy and safe living environment and block the spread of viruses.


Can ozone generator kill virus

After reading this article, I believe you know the answer to this question. Although the current research on ozone killing specific bacterial or viruses is not enough, it is obvious that the ozone generator can kill viruses, both theoretically and practically. The problem lies in that the ozone generator used in different occasions is different. Only by choosing a suitable ozone generator can the maximum effectiveness of ozone disinfection be achieved.


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