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  • Can ozone generator kill virus

    After years of scientific exploration and practice, there is no doubt that ozone can kill various bacterial viruses. This article will slowly introduce you to some knowledge and basis of ozone can kill the virus.

  • Application of Ozone and UV Disinfection Cabinet

    The disinfection cabinet disinfects all-round surfaces of the object through ultraviolet high temperature or ozone, which can kill stubborn pathogens or viruses such as influenza virus and corona virus.Scientific experiments have proven that viruses attached to the surfaces of articles such as banknotes, coins, wallets, towels and other living objects will still live for a while and are contagious.

  • Application of Ozone Generator in Poultry Farm

    The use of ozone machines to disinfect farms covers many aspects, the most important of which are the cleaning of farm sheds and the purification of livestock and water.Keeping sheds clean is the key to preventing the disease. Farms need to regularly flush the sheds to remove all the dirt and feces

  • Food Processing

    In the field of food processing, in order to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to control the cleanliness of the processing environment. And if you want a clean processing environment, you have to kill bacteria, germs, molds, viruses and even flying insects in the environment. This page will tell you how ozone is used.

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