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Application of Ozone and UV Disinfection Cabinet

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Application of Ozone and UV Disinfection Cabinet

Why do we need a disinfection cabinet?

disinfection cabinet for home

The disinfection cabinet disinfects all-round surfaces of the object through ultraviolet high temperature or ozone, which can kill stubborn pathogens or viruses such as influenza virus and corona virus.

Scientific experiments have proven that viruses attached to the surfaces of articles such as banknotes, coins, wallets, towels and other living objects will still live for a while and are contagious. 

If they come into contact with unclean objects and accidentally touch the mucous membranes, these viruses will enter the human body and enter the human body, and people will become ill. Disinfecting these personal items can block the spread of the virus and greatly reduce the possibility of getting sick.

Pros of disinfection cabinet

sterilizing cabinet


This sterilizer cabinet is made of stainless steel and is durable. The cabinet structure is also very compact, safe and reliable during use.

disinfection cabinet for factory


The sterilizers produced by Qili can be customized according to customer needs. Small capacity disinfection cabinets are more suitable for domestic use, while larger capacity disinfection cabinets can meet industrial needs.

ozone disinfection cabinet

Disinfection Method

Different germs and viruses have different tolerances to UV or ozone. This disinfection cabinet combines UV disinfection and ozone disinfection, which can effectively and efficiently kill almost all germs and viruses.

uv sterilizing cabinet


The disinfection cabinet is fully automatic controlled. With simple operation, it can automatic shutdown after disinfection.

Application of disinfection cabinet

1 Disinfection cabinet for cashes

disinfection cabinet for bankIt is well known that many viruses can be transmitted through the air. At the same time, they can also be attached to the surface of items,

and it is easy to ignore that they can attach to money. The bank is one of the places where there are more coins and personnel.

Money flows endlessly in and out of the bank. No one does not like the money, but no one likes the virus that may be attached to the money. Whether it is banknotes or coins, they should be fully disinfected to prevent money from becoming a carrier of virus transmission. Lovely penny, very funny, with virus, it can kill me.

2 Disinfection cabinet for factory and office

disinfection cabinet for factoryIntensive personnel will provide a hotbed for virus transmission. Factory workers, especially workers in assembly lines, and white-collar or blue-collar workers in the office, need to disinfect labor protection supplies and office supplies and files

Cleaning or wiping with disinfectant is not always suitable, and disinfection cabinets can easily and conveniently disinfect books, pens, rubber gloves and etc.

3 Disinfection cabient for home use

home use disinfection cabinetAs mentioned in the introduction, germs and viruses can attach to the surface of an item such as door handles, hats, wallets and so on. When people touch the surface of these items, the virus will attach to the human skin, waiting for the opportunity to enter the body.

When you go home, your belongings especially money, keys and shoes may come into contact with the virus. For the safety of you and your family, especially in the season of flu, using disinfection cabinets to disinfect your belongings can greatly reduce the probability of illness. Once disinfection a day, the doctor keeps you away.


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At last, treat the spread of viruses and disease epidemics rationally and prevent them scientifically. Don't take the flu and other epidemic diseases lightly and protect yourself, not only for your own health and life safety, but also for the protection and care of others in society.

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