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Application of Ozone Generator in Poultry Farm

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Application of Ozone Generator in Poultry Farm

The use of ozone machines to disinfect farms covers many aspects, the most important of which are the cleaning of farm sheds and the purification of livestock and water.

Using ozone generator to clean poultry farm


Keeping sheds clean is the key to preventing the disease. Farms need to regularly flush the sheds to remove all the dirt and feces left by the animals. These dirt and excreta are breeding grounds for microorganisms. If they are not controlled, they are very susceptible to infection and spread, bringing irreversible losses to the farm. Rinsing is only the first step. To completely eliminate pathogens and viruses, disinfection is required.

The smell in the farm is also a concern. Using the ozone machine can remove dirt while removing odor, which makes the air cleaner and healthier, and protects the health of animals and staff.

There are many ways to disinfect, but there are limited methods available for farm sheds. Spraying the drug easily leaves residues and requires an additional rinse. This will increase costs and waste water. Disinfection with an ozone machine is quite different. The following mobile floor ozone cleaning machine recently launched by our company is specially designed for cleaning and disinfection of farms.

The ozone generator for washing floor in poultry farm product page

In order to adapt to the environment of the farm, this ozone machine is designed to cover many aspects.


The mobile design of the machine allows this ozone machine to be easily moved to various sheds that need to be disinfected, avoiding lifting. There are universal wheels installed at the bottom of the machine, which can also be locked to prevent sliding during use.


Equipped with a few meters of water hose. A sufficiently long water hose can extend the range of use of the machine, and it is relatively easy to clean the shed in some places where it is not convenient to connect electricity or water.


High pressure water gun. The water gun is made of stainless steel, which is durable and can withstand high water pressure. The long spray head helps to control the water outlet and can flush the corner of the shed in a targeted manner.


Integrated ozone water mixing tank. The ozone water mixing tank can further fully mix ozone and water, improve the ozone mixing efficiency, and enhance the washing effect of ozone water.


High-efficiency mixing pump. The mixing pump is used to mix ozone and water. The machine is equipped with a pump, which integrates work and improves work efficiency.

Ozone generator used in poultry drinking water sanitation product page

The sanitary and safety indexes of drinking water for animals and people are the same. Drinking water plays a decisive role in the health of poultry. Many viruses infected by poultry are caused by poor water quality. Too much virus in the water or excessive mineral content can cause fatal damage to poultry.

Why use ozone to poultry drinking water treatment

The purpose of disinfection of drinking water on the farm is to kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms in the water, and prevent infectious diseases after the animals drink. The types of pathogenic microorganisms in water are pathogenic bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

The use of chemical disinfection, whether manual or automatic dosing, can not completely kill bacteria, but also produce chemical residues, affecting the health of livestock and poultry; some even affect the meat quality compliance rate.

Ozone sterilization effect is good, no secondary pollution, decolorization, deodorization, removal of iron, manganese, oxidation decomposition of organic matter and coagulation.

Benefits of ozone in drinking water

It reduces waterborne pathogens and prevents development of resistance to pathogens

It helps to accelerate weight gain by the birds

It improves feed conversion and increased layer output

It helps to increase the dissolved oxygen in water which helps the birds to tolerate heat

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