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5G Quartz Tube Spare Parts Ozone Generator

5G Quartz Tube Spare Parts Ozone Generator
Ozone output:
Ozone Concentration:
  • QL-PJ-5G

1. Ozone tube Material: Imported material of high pure ceramic, SS 316L of internal electrode, Teflon connections which are best anti-oxidation material for ensuring several years running.

2. Adjustable Module power supply.

3. Ozone tube output is adjustable or not adjustable for option.

4. Extremely low rate of ozone decay & high ozone concentration.

Ozone concentration can be around 40-120Mg/L, which is much higher than conventional products.

5. Dielectric material using quartz glass, high precision Grinding of internal and external and second 

processing, discharge evenly, internal electrode used 316L stainless steel materials and tight firmware, PTFE 

gas nozzle, sealed with corrosion-resistant high purity fluorine rubber ring. The external air cooling heat 

dissipation adopted the latest technology of solar flower aluminum alloy heat dissipation to reach effective 

heat dissipation. After working long time, ozone attenuation still less than 5%. The long service life can 

generally reach more than 20000 hours.

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Model QL-PJ-5G
ozone output 5G/H
ozone concentration 15-25mg/l
lifetime 10 years
warranty 1year




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